9 cases of voter fraud in Arizona!!!!!!!


by David Safier

It's an epidemic. People are voting fraudulently in Arizona in ones and twos! Nine cases discovered, said Ken Bennett in 2012. And it's all them damn illegal imm . . . Um, wait a minute, let me look at the article more closely.

Using an interstate database, Arizona officials have found nine new cases of people voting in more than one state in the 2008 presidential election, Secretary of State Ken Bennett said.

Nine cases of double-voting in 2008. Funny though, the article doesn't mention that any of them were undocumented. In fact,

Bennett said cases in which people vote more than once often involve those who split time between Arizona and other states and cast more than one mail-in ballot.

Scofflaw Snowbirds! That's the problem. An itty-bitty problem, but Bennett is on top of it.

[Bennett] said that although voter fraud is statistically rare in Arizona elections officials are on the lookout for it.

Ken had better talk to his buddy Tom Horne, who thinks the majority of voters who register using the federal voter registration form that doesn't require proof of citizenship aren't US citizens. I'm sure the AG will give us some solid evidence sometime soon, because he hasn't yet.

(h/t to Toby Stahl for posting the link on Facebook)


  1. I am sure Joe Arpaio will raid, with Bubblehead Bennett and Clueless Hornedog in tow, the Sun City Social Center, to grab all those two State voter felons.

  2. I’d say this is evidence that we need police sweeps in their communities to stop these felons. Let’s dragnet Saddlebrooke!

    BTW what was the party registration for these Scofflaw Snowbirds?

  3. Look in the bright side: It only took them 5 years to “document” these cases of voter fraud. And just in the nick of time too. Rather coincidental that these cases are being mentioned as both Arizona Secretary of State Bennett and Arizona Attorney General Horne push for even more voter suppression.

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