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SB1070 Update: McCain ad rides the Death Star

David Safier

by David Safier If you've seen McCain's "Danged fence" ad, which is so bad it's been laughed on Joe Scarborough's show, you should love this revisualized version. Discover more from Blog for Arizona Subscribe to get the latest posts sent to your email. Type your email… Subscribe

Star headline wrongly claims LD27 candidates slammed “incumbents”

David Safier

by David SafierThis Star headline gaffe is minor compared to the others I've posted about, but a friend pointed it out to me — I missed it — and it deserves a quick mention.The headline reads:Incumbents slammed as 7 Dems debate in District 27 House raceIncumbents? Did the Democratic candidates slam all incumbents, including Democrats? … Read more

SB1070 Update: AZ clergy goes to D.C. to talk to McCain, others. The Star is silent.

David Safier

by David Safier Why should I have to go to the LA Times to read about this?Arizona religious leaders seek delay of immigration law, bring appeal to WashingtonFraming the Arizona immigration situation as a "moral crisis," a group of seven Arizona religious leaders, including Catholic and Methodist bishops, descended Thursday on Capitol Hill in an … Read more

Anti-Ethnic Studies law: Star editorial good, Eugene Robinson column better

David Safier

by David SafierIt's unfair of me to compare a Star editorial with a column by Eugene Robinson, one of the finest stylists and most incisive analysts in the business. But if you only read one piece, read Robinson's beginning to end. It's brilliant.The Star editorial, Horne's mind is made up; why bother with facts?, is … Read more

SB1070 Update: That should fix things

David Safier

by David Safier The Accidental Guv has stumbled onto an idea to get tourism dollars flowing back into Arizona.The idea is . . . well, they haven't exactly come up with it yet, but they're working on it.With the state's tourism industry under siege in the wake of a new law aimed at illegal immigrants, … Read more

SB1070 Update: News tidbits

David Safier

by David Safier Lots of stuff is happening about SB1070 in Arizona and around the country. Here are a few tidbits. Florida's conservative darling Marco Rubio was against SB1070 before he was for it. Likewise Florida Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum. Russell Pearce was for boycotts (of opponents of his 2004 ballot initiative, … Read more

Arizona Democratic Party: “Don’t boycott Arizona – boycott Brewer and Republicans”

AZ BlueMeanie

Posted by AzBlueMeanie: Press release from the Arizona Democratic Party: Don't boycott Arizona — boycott Brewer and Republicans PHOENIX — The Arizona Democratic Party is firmly against all boycotts of Arizona, and party leaders are advocating an alternative: Elect Democrats to tackle Arizona's real immigration-related problems — crime and violence along the border and in … Read more

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