Hoffman, Hoffman, Schwiebert, and Casteen Kick off the Last Day of Education Weekend of Action

Do the voters know what the legislative district (LD) candidates in LD Two, Four, Nine, Thirteen, and Sixteen all have in common? They are led by candidates who either have vast experience as educators or are strong supporters of the Arizona public school education system. During this Labor Day Holiday, public school activists and candidates … Read more

Arizona Book Ban Now in Effect for Authors of Color and LGBTQ Topics

Republican lawmakers unanimously passed the restrictive education law while ignoring proposals that would properly fund Arizona schools. An Arizona ban on material designated as “sexually explicit” in public schools took effect last month, leaving school districts across the state unsure about what content is now banned under the new law, and what material would be … Read more

Democratic Legislative Senate Nominees Launch Ads to Promote Reproductive Freedom and Fully Funding Education

Four Democratic Arizona State Senate Nominees launched ADLCC-sponsored ads yesterday to promote the issues of reproductive freedom and fully funding education. Two of the nominees, State Senator Christine Marsh in Legislative District (LD) Four and Eva Burch in LD Nine concentrated their 30-second ads on the issue of reproductive freedom. The Marsh one focuses on … Read more

Updated Official List of Arizona Statewide/Legislative Candidates In 2022 General Election

The Arizona Secretary of State’s office has updated the official list of statewide/legislative candidates on the General Election ballot with qualified write-in candidates. This election is a referendum on American democracy. If you believe in the American democracy that we have enjoyed for the past 246 years, and you do not want to live under … Read more

Judy Schwiebert Wants to Continue the Work She Has Started in the Arizona State House

Believing “we all do better when we listen and work together so that everyone gets their chance to thrive,” Arizona House Representative Judy Schwiebert would like “the honor of trying to continue to work on those issues important for the people of my community” in the new Legislative District Two, “rather than lead us all … Read more