Fontes Campaign Reacts to the Court Putting Mark Finchem In His Place

Mark Finchem is getting stomped on again by the courts. Earlier today, Maricopa County Judge Melissa Iyer Julian rebuked January 6, 2021, Insurrectionist- MAGA attendee, former legislator, and 2022 Secretary of State candidate for wasting the courts time by not providing actual evidence of fraud and criminal behavior from the 2022 elections. The judge also … Read more

Election Denier Mark Finchem Sanctioned By The Court Again For Baseless Pleading

Brad Reed reports, Judge slaps election-denying Arizona Republican with new sanctions over ‘bad faith’ claims: Mark Finchem, the election-denying failed Republican Arizona secretary of state candidate, was hit with sanctions again on Monday over what a judge ruled were “bad faith” arguments to overturn his election loss. In a new ruling, Maricopa County Judge Melissa … Read more

Mark Finchem’s Frivolous Election Challenge Dismissed With Prejudice, Faces Sanctions

Another clown show crashes in court! Insurrectionist and QAnon election denier Rep. Mark Finchem and his incompetent lawyer suffered a humiliating defeat in their frivolous election challenge. Dismissed with prejudice (cannot refile) and the judge invited attorneys for Hobbs and Fontes to file motions for Rule 11 sanctions. The Arizona Mirror reports, Mark Finchem’s ‘frivolous’ bid … Read more

Mark Finchem Should Be Sanctioned By The Court, His Lawyer Disciplined By The State Bar

Update to The Courts Should Make Short Shrift Of These Vexatious Lawsuits (Updated). The Arizona Mirror reports, Finchem response to motion to dismiss rife with errors, evidence-free theories: In a filing riddled with errors and new evidence-free claims of forgery and election malfeasance, the attorney for failed GOP secretary of state candidate Mark Finchem says … Read more

Court Grants Maricopa County’s Motion For Sanctions Against Attorneys For Kari Lake And Mark Finchem

Earlier this year, U.S. District Judge John J. Tuchi Threw Out ‘Conjectural’ Arizona Lawsuit That Demanded Ban on Electronic Voting Machines: Kari Lake (R) sued Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) in April, alleging that the electronic voting machines used in state elections were at risk of hacking, election tampering, and voter fraud. State lawmaker … Read more