Buyer Beware: Superintendent Tom Horne Wants Arizona Public Schools to Use Unaccredited and Inaccurate Prager University Resources To Educate Children

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne has continued his ascent into the Orwellian stratosphere of Alt-Right Knowledge with his announcement on January 31, 2024, that he would make the resources of unaccredited and right-wing leaning Prager University available for public school teachers to show children in their classrooms on the Department website with other … Read more

(UPDATED) The A.G.’s Office Says No to Tom Horne’s Unilateral Threat to Take Away Funding from Schools that Teach Dual Language

Last month, Arizona Superintendent of Public instruction Tom Horne launched an attack on the Arizona State Board of Education approved Dual Language Program. Passed by the Board in 2020, the Dual Language Program, which, according to AZ Central was taught to 941 students last year and administered in 110 schools during the 2021/22 year, was … Read more

Tom Horne, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction. Photo by Jerod MacDonald-Evoy | Arizona Mirror

Arizona Education Activists Dispute Tom Horne’s Contention that CRT is Prevalent in Public Schools

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne, like most politicians, needs an antagonist to rail against. Even if, as in the cases of most political figures on the right (especially the MAGA extreme vintage) have to make them up. That is the apparent case with Mr. Horne who made going after Critical Race Theory (CRT) … Read more

Tom Horne Wants More Guns In Our Schools. Yeah, Like That Works

The Republican solution to gun violence is always “more guns.” Their solution to mass shootings at schools is not responsible gun control and background checks, and an assault weapons ban, but to militarize our schools and turn them into hardened prisons with armed guards. Reminder: Nearly 400 armed law enforcement officials rushed to a mass shooting … Read more