A post-GOPocalypse ‘Waterworld’ for teabaggers


Posted  by AzBlueMeanie:

In the same week that Steven Spielberg's biopic movie "Lincoln" premiered in theaters, reminding us all how Abraham Lincoln preserved the Union, the so-called Tea Party "Patriots" (sic) are petitioning the White House to secede from the United Sates, an act of sedition and insurrection, because their candidate did not win the presidency.

Screenshot-11Nothing says patriotism like secession, coming from "the party of Lincoln" no less. Apparently irony is lost on this Confederacy of dunces. Lincoln is turning over in his grave.

The United States is not going to surrender one square inch of its territory back to the dead-enders who still cling to the fantasy that the Confederacy will rise again. Too many Americans fought and died to preserve the Union.

There are now counter-petitions to the White House to just kick the Birthers-Birchers-Secessionists out already and be done with them. The Rise Of The Anti-Secession Petitions.

But where are all the Birthers-Birchers-Secessionists of the Tea Party to go? There may be a solution. It is the Libertarian concept of "seasteading" – creating self-ruling floating cities or ocean-based colonies. Seasteading: Cities on the ocean | The Economist:

Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal, dreams of setting sail once
more to found colonies of like-minded souls. By now, however, all the
land on Earth has been claimed by the governments they seek to escape.
So, they conclude, they must build new cities on the high seas, known as

* * *

With financing from Mr. Thiel and others, a think-tank called the
Seasteading Institute (TSI) has been sponsoring studies on possible
plans for ocean-based structures and on the legal and financial
questions they raise. And although true seasteads may still be a distant
dream, the seasteading movement is producing some novel ideas for
ocean-based businesses that could act as stepping stones towards their
ultimate goal.

Some of the early proptype proposals are Blueseed, and Freedom Ship – the City at Sea.


One of Blueseed's Concept Vessels

via Blueseed

It would be a post-GOPocalypse Waterworld for teabaggers. Be careful what you wish for — you just might get it.


  1. this classic Keith clip from “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” from 2011 is a “Worst Person’s in the World” segment that ends with him discussing Peter Thiel’s proposed “Libertarian Island”. The rest of the clip leading up to that is great, too, including Keith’s Dr. Strangelove impression!

    Summary : Three questions / warnings Keith had for Thiel: 1) tsunami’s? ; 2) pirates? ; 3) you ever seen that Costner flick “Waterworld”?

    It’s been too many weeks since I’ve seen this clip … going to watch it as soon as I’m done here. Helps (a little) with the pain of not seeing The Man each week night.



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