A Further Word Regarding ADI’s Ethical Breach


Posted by Bob Lord

Further to Tom's post regarding the Arizona Daily Indpendent, whether ADI was copying its characterization of my open letter to Chad, or whether they misquoted me all on their own, it's an ugly, ugly example of journalistic dishonesty. Essentially, they took my open letter, which I wrote as a rejoinder to Tom's open letter, and distorted it to imply that I too was urging Chad not to run. As the commenters to this blog well understood, I actually was urging Chad not to be cowed into not running.

For those who care, here's how ADI achieved its distortion. First, they took my advice to Chad that he "consider above all else whether Fred shares your passion towards those goals," and deleted the critical words "your passion towards" thus distorting my advice. Then, they left out entirely my advice that if Chad determined Fred did share his passion, he consider "whether, once elected, who you feel would be more likely to achieve those goals, you or Fred," but quoted my advice to Chad on how to proceed based on the outcome of that second consideration as if it was based on the outcome of the first consideration, which they had distorted. As a result, they depicted me as telling Chad he should not run if Fred shares his goals.

An utter lack of journalistic integrity on ADI's part.