A little friendly competition, cast your votes now!

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Tedski over at R-Cubed reports that Chris Cilizza of the Washington Post is once again running a “Best State Blogs” survey. He is, for the second year in a row, basing this on the opinions of his readers. If you would like to vote for Blog for Arizona, you simply make a post in the comments section of his blog The Fix – The Best State Political Blogs (Revised and Extended); The Fix – The Best State Political Blogs (Continued)

Now, Chris Cilizza is a self-confessed Drudge-o-phile, he gets his fact-free news tips every day from The Drudge Report. That gives me pause to question both his judgment and taste.

Nevertheless, I want to make a pitch for my good friend David Safier, who has been doing a yeoman's job of reporting on education in Arizona. He has done such a fine outstanding job that the yahoos over at the Goldwater Institute feel compelled to challenge his every posting, lest the lazy political reporters in this state stop simply transcribing the GI's press releases as actual "news" without any fact checking or obtaining a comment for publication from someone who actually knows what the hell they are talking about. That deserves your vote, doesn't it?

Now go vote for David Safier and Blog for Arizona right now! Don't delay.

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  1. You can also vote by replying to @TheFix on Twitter (if already following TheFix). I put in a recommendation for you that way already.