A message from Jim Obergefell: ‘My Husband’


The White House is running a feature today at its web site, #LoveWins. It includes A Message from Jim Obergefell: “My Husband”:

ObergefellMy husband John died 20 months ago, so we’re unable to celebrate together the Supreme Court’s decision on the case that bears my name, Obergefell v. Hodges.

Today, for the first time, any couple — straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender — may obtain a marriage license and make their commitments public and legal in all 50 states. America has taken one more step toward the promise of equality enshrined in our Constitution, and I’m humbled to be part of that.

John and I started our fight for a simple reason: We wanted the State of Ohio to recognize our lawful Maryland marriage on John’s impending death certificate. We wanted respect and dignity for our 20-year relationship, and as he lay dying of ALS, John had the right to know his last official record as a person would be accurate. We wanted to live up to the promises we made to love, honor, and protect each other as a committed and lawfully married couple.

Couples across America may now wed and have their marriage recognized and respected no matter what state they call home. No other person will learn at the most painful moment of married life, the death of a spouse, that their lawful marriage will be disregarded by the state. No married couple who moves will suddenly become two single persons because their new state ignores their lawful marriage.

Ethan and Andrew can marry in Cincinnati instead of being forced to travel to another state.

A girl named Ruby can have an accurate birth certificate listing her parents Kelly and Kelly.

Pam and Nicole never again have to fear for Grayden and Orion’s lives in a medical emergency because, in their panic, they forgot legal documents that prove both mothers have the right to approve care.

Cooper can grow into a man knowing Joe and Rob are his parents in all ways emotional and legal.

I can finally relax knowing that Ohio can never erase our marriage from John’s death certificate, and my husband can now truly rest in peace.

Marriage is about promises and commitments made legal and binding under the law, and those laws must apply equally to each and every American.

Today is a momentous day in our history.

It’s a day when the Supreme Court of the United States lived up to the words inscribed above the front entrance of the courthouse:

Equal Justice Under Law.

Thank you,


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  1. Please my LGBT friends, please remember this wonderful extension of civil rights has been strongly supported by the Democratic Party and strongly opposed by the Republican party. Remember that when you vote in the future, help us continue to support civil rights, the environment, occupational health and safety, universal health care, freedom from gender and gender identity discrimination, and all of the other issues supported by the Democratic Party and opposed by the Republican Party. Please continue to support us as we move forward, progressively, liberally into the future. Thanks and Happy Equality Day!!!

    • Remember that Republicans can’t stick their heads in the sand and continue to deny marriage equality much longer. A few nationally known GOP politicians have come out to support marriage equality, and the tide will turn very shortly.

      I’m not looking for a one party state, but the GOP can’t continue to officially oppose equal rights regardless of sexual orientation much longer without looking like even more laughable bigots. Soon enough, humanity will support marriage equality.

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