A Prefatory Open Letter To Chad Campbell

Posted by Bob Lord

Chad, I don't know you as well as Tom does, but please listen anyhow.

In deciding whether or not to run, look first to the goals you are passionate about. If you can't identify those goals readily, you don't have the passion to run, so forget it. But if you can, consider above all else whether Fred shares your passion towards those goals. If he does not, then run. If he does, then, and only then, consider Tom's advice. But also consider whether, once elected, who you feel would be more likely to achieve those goals, you or Fred. If the answer is you, then run. If the answer is Fred, then don't run. If the answer is "unclear," then revert to Tom's advice. 

There's nothing wrong with Tom's analysis. It's just too clinical for my taste and, I suspect, quite a few voters.