A Warning to Martha McSally

By Michael Bryan

Martha McSally ought to be looking to reign-in Mr. Trump’s worst impulses, and demand her caucus provide the strict oversight of the Executive that the Constitution requires. Instead, she merely seems determined to remain vague and indeterminate regarding her support for Trump. She must not forget that her electoral fate lies in the hands of voters who voted for Secretary Clinton by almost a 5% margin; we voters certainly will not forget.

As you can see in the chart below, 23 Republican members sit in districts that voted for Clinton, and McSally is one.

These Representatives will be among the most vulnerable incumbents in 2018, and would all do well to take seriously the institutional role of Congress to check and balance the Presidency.

McSally must stop cowering in her bunker and listen carefully to the concerns of her constituency regarding ethical and constitutional over-reach by this President. If McSally will not serve as an ally in ensuring that this unqualified, bullying, reckless President is constrained and checked by close Congressional oversight and a vigorous assertion of Congressional constitutional prerogatives, voters of her district will certainly find someone who will.

Mr. Trump, just a few weeks into his term, is increasingly unpopular. Smart money is on Congressional incumbents who stand up to his reckless and unpopular agenda. Mr. Trump promised his voters a populist economic agenda that would “drain the swamp” and “make American great again,” but has delivered a cabinet of billionaires and unqualified ideologues, and a dangerously incestuous and radical inner-circle, headed by avowed white nationalist Bannon, who are pushing an extremist right-wing agenda through executive orders. His popularity, even among his supporters, is falling off because his own voters recognize they have been delivered a classic bait and switch.

McSally had best get off the Trump train before it derails, and make it clear to voters of CD02 that she has disembarked.

7 responses to “A Warning to Martha McSally

  1. McSally quoted in the linked article (Tucson.com):

    “(The forum) is about trapping people in a political ambush for political theater,” she said, shortly after her local office was presented a petition with more than 1,000 signatures asking her to hold a public meeting.”

    This is interesting. McSally is really afraid of facing her constituents. What exactly does she fear?

    Well, during both Obama Administrations, all that was required of a House representative was to march in lockstep, obstruct the Democratic president, and toe the party line. So, having accustomed themselves to doing essentially nothing and not having to think or even defend their obstruction, these GOP representatives are not prepared to stand alone in front of a group of constituents who expect more of them. McSally wants to keep her sweet gig and she might even want to be a Senator someday. On her Facebook Page, some of her adoring fans make comments about her being the first woman POTUS.

    We’re in uncharted waters. God knows how long this goes on or what happens next. But the Democrats have to take back Congress in 2018. I think it’s great to put McSally in the hot seat and make her reveal herself. I just hope there is a parallel strategy to unseat her.

  2. Carolyn Classen

    Town hall scheduled for Feb. 23 with Congresswoman McSally invited. To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/arizona-cd-2-town-hall-tickets-31850266003?aff=efbnreg#tickets

  3. a warning for arizona democrats mrs rayes was deported from phoenix with the democratic party doing squat! all democratic party leadership thinks about is what old white fred duval or ann kirkpatrick can we run to prevent a younger more militant raul grivalda type from getting the nomination and the corporate donations dry up and the paid staffs paychecks bounce! mark kelly is the new white hope to keep the latinos from the nomination. this will turn off latinos and pro gun populist democrats who got rid of arpaio.

  4. Frances Perkins

    A few million recognized these traits before the election. A few thousand in Michigan Pennsylvania and Ohio bought the horse hockey. They will pay the price. I have talked to a large number of people who voted for Trump. The first thing out of their mouths is always their hatred of Hillary.

    • “I have talked to a large number of people who voted for Trump. The first thing out of their mouths is always their hatred of Hillary.”

      You act as if a hatred of Hillary was not sufficient reason to vote for Trump. I say if there ever was an election where a vote cast against a candidate by voting for the other candidate was justified, it was this one. Hillary would have been a disaster as President from my perspective. We dodged a bullet this time. You really should be grateful that sufficient numbers of people like me voted for Trump as a way of stopping Hillary. Had she been elected, we would have had a real disaster on our hands…

      • For Sure Not Tom

        Did you really just tell everyone to be grateful to people like you?

        How about we get back to you on that in a few years, and for now, you just guess how many fingers I’m holding up.

        • “Did you really just tell everyone to be grateful to people like you?”

          Why yes I did…and I meant it. People like me kept the Clintons out of the White House. We are all so fortunate for that.

          “How about we get back to you on that in a few years…”

          Of course, that is the only true method to measure how fortunate you truly are for what we did. ;o)

          “…and for now, you just guess how many fingers I’m holding up.”