You may have heard the propagandistic gnashing of teeth by the fascists about the ‘injustice’ of ‘giving’ ‘illegal immigrants’ $450,000 payments for ‘breaking our laws’ and ‘invading our country.’

Well, here’s the thing: those ‘payments’ are an attempt to settle a group of lawsuits by those families the Trump Administration illegally (under U.S. law, international treaty, international law, and any shred of human decency) ripped apart.


So, they aren’t ‘payments’; they are settlements.

The average claim is over $3m in damages, and a legal right to remain in the country as refugees; this is a low-ball offer.

The Biden Administration is trying to settle because the U.S. will LOSE these cases; these cases are slam dunk losers – Trump absolutely broke the law.

The Biden Administration is also trying to settle these cases because they fear that the discovery process will prove VERY embarrassing to the United States image in the world (and, merely incidentally, to Trump). Remember that the Biden Administration is not claiming executive privilege for Trump’s decision-making process when he did illegal shit like this (and fomenting a coup…), so maybe we, who are on the side of decency and human rights and, you know, not fascism, should maybe hope these cases DO go to trial?

So, you do you, but I hope the fascists get their way, and they manage to shame Biden into NOT settling these lawsuits.

I hope these cases go to trial.

I hope Trump’s monstrous moral cowardice and racism are exposed to the world during those trials, even if our national image takes a beating. We deserve it for electing a fascist, immoral idiot.

I hope those abused children win the right to remain here, grow up in the United States and become powerful voices for the dignity and rights of refugees.

I hope these families win WAY more than $450K. I hope they each get millions.

I hope that maybe we will learn a collective lesson: that no person deserves to be treated inhumanely, illegally, and immorally, simply because they are migrants – whatever the reason they are displaced from their communities, culture, and homes. Because with global climate change making some places uninhabitable, we are now seeing just the very leading edge of a tidal wave of desperate humans who will be seeking refuge in years to come.

I live in hope these days…

Anyhow, here’s a nice video by Beau of the Fifth Column on the subject you can quickly shoot to any idiot who seems to be upset by the propaganda to put the matter into proper perspective and context:

It’s just a thought…