Action Alert: Arizona GOP renews its war on public education today in the House


kill-bill-vol-1House Bill 2482, the effort to expand the Empowerment Scholarship Accounts program to all school children (an attempt to privatize public education through vouchers), was pulled from the calendar last week in the House.

House Bill 2482 is back on the Committee of the Whole (COW) Calendar today, House resets debate on vouchers for all school students as is House Bill 2401, the attempt to eliminate desegregation funding from Arizona’s school districts.

The Senate approved an identical bill to House Bill 2482 last week, Senate Bill 1279, on a 17-13 vote. If House Bill 2482 is approved on the COW vote, it only needs a Third Read vote before these bills head to the Governor.

Call your state legislators now to oppose these bills that unconstitutionally seek to privatize Arizona’s public education system through vouchers. See, Our View: Why expanding vouchers is so dangerous.

Also oppose the cuts to desegregation funding. See, Montini: Lawmakers’ ugly attack on minority school kids, regarding SB 1125, the Senate version of House Bill 2401 up for a vote today.

Monday, February 29, 2016
HB2482           empowerment scholarships; expansion; phase-in.
SPONSOR:  OLSON             WM                      02/01/2016      DP          (5-3-0-1-0)
                                                          RULES                 02/22/2016      C&P       (7-0-0-2-0)
                                                          COW                    2/24/2016        RET ON CAL
Monday, February 29, 2016
HB2401           schools; desegregation funding; phase-down.
SPONSOR:  LEACH              ED                       01/26/2016      W/D
                                                          WM                      02/15/2016      DP          (5-4-0-0-0)
                                                          RULES                 02/22/2016      C&P       (5-2-0-2-0)
                                                          COW                    2/23/2016        RET ON CAL



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  1. Tom, you need to get serious. I have spent hundreds of hours, read eight different books by serious scientists, read a ton of original research done by scientists on both sides of this debate. Here are some facts for you:
    1. You may fool the typical newspaper reader out there that carbon dioxide is a pollutant like its cousin carbon monoxide, but the truth is that if Carbon Dioxide falls to 150 parts per million we are all dead. Photosynthesis comes to a stop and we all starve to death. During historical cold periods when the oceans have absorbed huge amounts of carbon dioxide, famines gripped the planet, starvation and wars followed.
    2. The general circulation models of the IPCC that have driven the whole debate have completely failed scientific standards for regression models, i.e. that they predict the past. Not even close.
    3. If carbon dioxide follows the projected path, increasing from 400 to 700 over the next 100 years, food crops such as wheat and forest trees will increase their growth rates by over 30% and arable land will hugely increase because higher levels of carbon dioxide enable plants to not only grow faster but grow with less water. I.E. more carbon dioxide is a really good thing!!!!

    These are truths, these are facts. The fundamental hypothesis of Alarmists, that carbon dioxide is correlated with temperature in a causative manner is completely unproven and speculative despite billions in research. The reverse is true: higher temperatures cause the ocean to release carbon dioxide. So, higher temperatures cause higher levels of carbon dioxide and bring all of the associated benefits.

    Because so much is at stake in terms of power over our fellow citizens and trillions in tax revenue, we are now witnessing massive corruption in the scientific world. Because temperatures aren’t increasing as the models predicted, scientists are now going back and “adjusting” historical temperatures downward to make the facts fit the hypothesis because the hypothesis doesn’t fit the facts. The problem with this corruption is that it will all eventually surface. A decade will go by and more data will come in and not everyone will be willing to join the corruption. Once you start cheating, you have to cheat more and more.

    Read up on a guy named Lysenko. Read up on the entire Eugenics movement. We’ve been here before.

    • Wow! Exxon got their money’s worth with you, Falcon9.

      The climate denial industry has been exposed, you have duped. Read the article I linked, then keep digging.

      You’re dislike for anything considered “liberal” colors your view of the world.

      That you deny facts, accept propaganda, is very troubling, given your past employment.

      Follow the money. I don’t know any billionaire scientists.

  2. Falcon9, before you respond, please learn about the lawsuits regarding Exxon and the rest of the fossil fuel industry.

    Then admit you’ve been fooled, and ponder what else the right wing has been lying about.

    Then make sure your reply to this article is factual and not just right wing propaganda that you’ve foolishly bought into.

    Until you can admit that you’re climate change denial is wrong, everything else you say is suspect.

    You don’t get to have a say in education if you believe in fairy tales.

    • Tom,
      You are incorrect. I have repeatedly argued on this page that immigrants do not take jobs away from natives. That is a powerful illusion driving the candidacy of Trump. Caucasian job growth is powerfully and positively correlated with immigrant job counts. Texas is far and away the number one job creator for both immigrants and Caucasians for a reason. The two go hand in hand.

      I have also argued that immigrants don’t necessarily result in an increase in crime. In Arizona, our murder rates have plunged from 464 to 262 from 2007 to 2014 proving that you can have high levels of immigrants and still get crime under control. Also our auto theft rates have plunged by over 25,000 cars and our child auto deaths, particularly DUI, have dropped from over 130 to less than 80.

      These are all fact based thinking arguments. They are not liberal or conservative. They are logical. But, they do line up with the liberal talking points. I don’t care.

      If carbon dioxide caused global warming and posed a risk to mankind, I would be glad to say so and would enjoy thinking through the challenges. But, it is completely debunked. The ace in the argument, the deciding factor, is the role of carbon dioxide in plant and tree growth.

      • Dude, seriously, Exxon admitted they knew about climate change, and that it was caused by burning fossil fuels, and they’re currently looking at criminal charges for spending millions to fool people like you.

        One last try, look up the people who write the climate denial books/websites/videos, and search back to who pays them.

        Now I’m done, if following the money doesn’t at least pique your curiosity, then you are truly impervious to facts.

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