Action Alert: CAP abortion bill in the House today


Your work is not done now that Governor Jan Brewer has vetoed the Religious Bigotry bill from Cathi Herrod and the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP).

The Committee of the Whole (COW) in the House is debating the CAP bill for surprise inspections of abortion clinics,HB 2284 (.pdf) TODAY. This bill is really about harassing and intimidating abortion services providers and invading the constitutional medical privacy rights of their clients. The bill is sponsored by a CAP water carrier, Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Peoria.

Democrats and Planned Parenthood oppose the bill. The federal courts have previously ruled that snap inspections of abortion clinics are unlawful because women’s medical privacy rights are at risk.

Once again our Tea-Publican lawless legislature is pursuing the radical extremist agenda of Cathi Herrod and the CAP. Should this bill ever be signed into law, it will result in another losing lawsuit that pisses away taxpayer money in pursuit of the radical extremist agenda of the CAP.

Contact your legislators now to oppose this unlawful bill.

UPDATE: The bill was approved on a voice vote and will be scheduled for a Third Read roll call vote. Will any of the “mythical moderate Republicans” stand up to say no to this unconstitutional and unlawful bill from Cathi Herrod and CAP?