Action Alert: Guns in Public Buildings bill HB 2339 in House Judiciary Committee on Thursday


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Action Alert from Arizonans for Gun Safety:


HB2339 will be heard in the Arizona House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, February 20 at 8 AM. This bill will require all Public (state and local government) buildings and events to provide metal detectors and/or security personnel to screen people entering if they want to prevent people with Concealed Carry Weapons permits from entering with their guns.

This is a really bad bill and we need the Coalition to show strong opposition. Here’s what you can do:

If you are registered in the Arizona Legislative Information System (by having signed up in person at the Capitol kiosk), please go into ALIS and Request to Speak. You can select not to speak, select "against" HB2339 and give comments to support your position. Here are talking points you can use:

· Arizona voters do NOT support guns in public buildings. In a 2011 public opinion poll, an overwhelming 75% of Arizonans including 72% of gun owners opposed allowing guns in government buildings.

· The cost of providing the required security measures at public building entrances will be prohibitive and an unfunded mandate on local governments.

· Guns do not belong in places designed for families, children and youth. Society has always deemed places like swimming pools, libraries, and community centers as gun free zones. There is NO EVIDENCE that supports changing this long held policy.

· Law enforcement officials believe more guns in public places will complicate police work and endanger bystanders, if when they respond to a shooting scene there are multiple people with firearms in their hands.

2. Call members of the House Judiciary Committee and express your opposition to HB2339 before Thursday. It's time to act!

Eddie Farnsworth, Chair  (R District 12) 602 926-5735

Justin Pierce, Vice-Chair (R District 25)         602 926-5495

Lupe Chavira Contreras   (D District 19)    602 926-5284

John Allen                     (R District 15)            602 926-4916

Doris Goodale                 (R District 5)        602 926-5408

Albert Hale                    (D District 7)             602 926-4323

Ethan Orr                       (R District 9)               602 926-3235

Martin J. Quezada          D District 29)      602 926-5911

Thank you! Together we can make a difference and save lives!

NOTE: The "Mythical Moderate Republican" Ethan Orr (R-Tucson) may be the critical vote. Will he vote with his constituents in Tucson who are opposed to this bill? Or will he vote with the gun lobby lobbyists, Todd Rathner and Charles Heller from The Arizona Citizens Defense League, and the NRA? What's it going to be, E.Orr? LD 9 is watching.

UPDATE: How they voted – you're shocked, I'm sure:

Screenshot from 2014-02-20 12:35:18