Action Alert: Lobby your House members against SB 1339


SB 1339 (.pdf) (s/e:  ballot collection; voted; early; prohibition) sponsored by Sen. Don Shooter and approved in the House Appropriations Committee on March 25, is on the Committee of the Whole (COW ) Calendar in the House for Monday, March 30.

VOTEVoting rights organizations that successfully collected enough signatures to refer a referendum to the ballot to repeal HB 2305 last year should be making good use of their time this weekend to lobby members of the House to vote down this bill which seeks to criminalize voting activists — primarily Latino voting rights activists — for doing the same thing that political parties have done for years, and that politicians and their spouses would continue to be allowed to do under SB 1339 (sounds like an equal protection claim to me).

Voting rights organizations should be holding a rally at the Capitol on Monday and then visit the offices of Republican legislators to lobby against this bill prior to the COW Calendar vote on SB 1339.

Failing that, plan to continue lobbying House Republicans against this bill when it goes to the Third Read Calendar in the House, and begin lobbying Republican Senators, in case this bill passes the House and is transmitted to the Senate.

We are headed into sine die “rush week,” so bills are going to move quickly as the legislature seeks to end the session. Many of these bills will be sneaked through in the dead of the night or wee hours of the morning when the public and even the media is not present and watching. You will have to watch these guys like a hawk to keep track of strikers and motions for reconsideration, even after a bill is defeated. that’s what happened with HB 2305.

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  1. Vote in every election, no matter how trivial it may seem to you. A one-term school board member with no education background other than teaching a stained glass class is now the stupor-intendant of public instruction in AZ!

    We punish them by voting them out of office!

  2. Republicans behave themselves out of fear not decency. How will we make them behave themselves? recall maybe put it on the ballot again looks like we have to again! Lets come up with more ways to punish them.

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