Action Alert: Striker School Voucher Bill Today

Craig McDermott gave this bad bill a mention in his “This Week” post yesterday:

Stop VouchersWays and Means, Monday, 2 p.m., HHR3.  On the agenda: a striker to SB1088, listed subject as “empowerment scholarship accounts; eligibility” (text not available as of this writing).  This one has popped up before as its own bill; it’s all about expanding school vouchers “empowerment scholarships.”

The Arizona School Boards Association has an action alert out this morning:

The House Ways and Means Committee is attempting to use a strike-everything amendment to pass what could be the largest voucher expansion yet in the final days of the legislative session. Please sign in to the Request to Speak system and make your voice heard on this important bill by Monday March 16th at 2:00PM.

This bill, SB1088 (formerly INCOME TAX BRACKETS; INFLATION INDEX now, s/e EMPOWERMENT SCHOLARSHIP ACCOUNTS; ELIGIBILITY), would open a huge number of new accounts for a program that lacks any effective oversight. Even the Department of Education is concerned that they cannot prevent fraud and abuse with these vouchers.

After you’ve logged in, click on “New Request” on the left hand column, search either by the bill number below or by selecting the House Ways and Means committee. When you see the bills listed, make sure to click “Add Request” to be able to leave your comment. Register your position, select “No” where it asks if you’d like to testify, and leave a comment in the box. Do not forget to list yourself as a school board member, parent, or constituent when leaving your comment!

Once you’ve left a comment through the Request to Speak system, make sure to email the legislators on the House Ways and Means Committee using our action form and share with your friends!

You know what to do!