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By Michael Bryan

Pardon our dust, as they say. You will likely have noticed that there are some new ads on the blog. We have faced some significant expenses due to site updates, new security requirements, and a recent malware attack. To defray the costs of running and maintaining the site we need money. Some of you have generously contributed to our fund drive, but every little bit helps and a modest steady income from ads will help us to minimize our need to hold out the begging bowl to readers.

I don’t love ads, but I also really like the idea of keeping the lights on and the hosting and domain fees paid. Please let us know by email at if there are ads that you think are inappropriate; we do have the ability to block specific ads from appearing. I’m inclined to allow GOP political ads to appear – if they want to waste their money on a mistargeted ad, who am I to correct them. What you all think about that?

Anyhow, thanks so much to those who have contributed to our fundraising drive. And thanks for tolerating our learning curve as we optimize ads and their placement over the next weeks.


  1. Hi folks, you can support citizen journalism right here in Tucson by visiting our fundraiser page at

    You know we cover news that the daily papers ignore, and we give you the inside stories that you can get nowhere else. All of us writers are volunteers, and thanks to your support we can continue kicking butt and raising hell — with the truth.

    • Thanks to three FB (and reality) friends who donated via Larry’s
      fundraiser. We really need the $ right now per founder Michael Bryan. Total now at $535.

    • Woo hoo, total is $695 now, plus donations from two more of my FB friends. Nice to see such support for our political blogsite. It gives me incentive as a citizen journalist to keep on blogging.

  2. I’ve been with Blog for Arizona for over 4 years and would like to thank our recent donors for their support, to keep us blogging. Please go to our FB fundraising page created by new blogger Larry Bodine.

  3. All I’ve seen so far are ads from websites where I’ve shopped. They are not invasive and I think everyone is used to them.

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