AG Tom Horne and AZ state government: Do as we say, not as we do


By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings

But at least they're consistent about it – no matter what their angle
of attack, they are always looking to protect well-connected and
deep-pocketed corporate interests to the detriment of public interests. 

week, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne (R-Disbarment waiting to
happen) joined a group of red state AGs in a lawsuit against the federal
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Among other things, they are
demanding that the EPA release some emails and other documents to them.

From the Chicago Sun-Times, written by Tim Talley (emphasis added) –

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and the attorneys general of 11
other states sued the Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday demanding
that the agency turn over documents the states allege will show a
pattern of cooperation and collaboration with environmental


The states’ lawsuit seeks to enforce federal
Freedom of Information Act guidelines involving the states’ request for
letters, emails and any other correspondence
between the EPA and
environmental organizations before they sue the agency. The attorney
generals want to analyze the documents to determine the nature of EPA’s
legal strategy concerning environmental groups.

In one instance, the lawsuit says the states made a
FOIA request to EPA in February seeking records about the agency’s
negotiations with environmental groups that led to binding consent
decrees concerning state implementation plans for the EPA’s regional
haze guidelines under the Clean Air Act.

Horne has even taken to bragging about it on the AZAG's official Twitter account –

Sounds, well, not "good" (at least, not if you like breathing), but at least "straightforward".

Straightforward, that is, until you hear about the story broken by John Dougherty of InvestigativeMEDIA (emphasis added).

From the story - 

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is refusing to
release more than a dozen emails with the governor’s office concerning
the issuance of the air pollution permit for the proposed Rosemont
copper mine

Most of the withheld emails are between Kevin Kinsall, Gov. Jan Brewer’s policy advisor for natural resources, and Eric Massey,
director of the ADEQ’s Air Quality Division. Kinsall and Massey
exchanged a dozen emails between last Aug. 1- 8, 2012, during a crucial
period when the state took control of Rosemont’s air pollution permit
from Pima County.

The ADEQ announced last Aug. 3
that it was asserting authority over the review and issuance of
Rosemont Copper Company’s application for the pollution permit for its
massive open pit copper mine planned for the Santa Rita Mountains
southeast of Tucson. ADEQ stated it was assuming oversight of the permit
to “ensure regulatory certainty and enhanced environmental protection.”

So, let me get this straight –

Horne is suing the federal EPA to force the release of emails and other
records while (apparently) turning a blind eye to the state's version
of the EPA and its non-release of emails and other documents?

How long will it take for this to become the symbol of the Arizona Attorney General's Office?

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