ALEC’s Legacy of Destruction: PDA Members Join Anti-ALEC Protesters in Chicago (video)

ALEC cover-sm72by Pamela Powers Hannley

Inside the 40th annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in Chicago, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and other right-wing big-wigs addressed ALEC members and on-the-dole politicians.

Outside, the people, who have been cut out of the legislative process by ALEC and big money donors, protested in the streets. (Photos here.)

In its 40-year history, ALEC has done more to destroy the American Dream than any other group. According to a report by the Center for Media and Democracy, 466 ALEC bills were introduced in 2013, and 84 of them became law. Every state and the District of Columbia considered ALEC bills this year. Read the highlights of this ALEC legislative report and watch a video of Chicago protesters after the jump.

Here are the highlights from their report:

  • Bills restricting voting: 52 proposed, 5 passed.
  • Stand Your Ground Bills: 10 proposed, 2 passed.
  • “Right to Work” Bills limiting wages, workers’ rights, and benefits: 117 proposed, 14 passed.
  • Bills weakening public education and promoting for-profit charter schools: 139 proposed, 31 passed.
  • Pro-pollution pills promoting dirty energy: 77 proposed, 17 passed.
  • Bills limiting citizens’ access to judicial system: 71 bills proposed, 14 passed.
  • Bills limiting video-taping by citizens: 9 states were inspired by ALEC to protect corporations from citizen journalists.
  • Bills limiting or preventing paid sick leave ordinances: 11 states were inspired by ALEC’s mini-me the National Restaurant Accosiation. (Read the full report here.)

For more on the ALEC protest, check out the related links and watch street protesters– including union members and Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) members– in this video below.


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