Today’s headlines are echoes of Watergate after John Dean’s dramatic testimony.

From the New York Times:


News, Sondland Says He Followed Trump’s Orders to Pressure Ukraine.

Analysis, In an Echo of Watergate and John Dean, an Adviser Points to Trump.

The Times editorializes, Sondland Has Implicated the President and His Top Men.

From the Washington Post:

News, Sondland acknowledges Ukraine quid pro quo, implicates Trump, Pence, Pompeo and others.

News, Sondland says he told Pence that Ukraine military aid appeared conditioned on political investigations.

Analysis, What Trump, Pence, Pompeo and others knew, according to Gordon Sondland’s testimony, texts and emails.

Analysis, Sondland’s dramatic testimony shakes the impeachment debate and undercuts the president.

Analysis, Gordon Sondland’s testimony torpedoes Republican defenses of Trump.

The Post editorializes, ‘Everyone was in the loop’: Gordon Sondland makes two stunning points.

Anderson Cooper of CNN interviewed John Dean about Ambassador Sondland’s testimony Wednesday night. Dean says that Ambassador Sondland did not do a “full John Dean,” but rather a modified limited hangout, John Ehrlichman’s strategy of mixing partial admissions with misinformation and resistance to further investigations.