An Open Letter to Bruce Halle


Dear Mr. Halle,

I love Discount Tire. I’ve lived in Maricopa County 29 years and never have purchased tires anywhere else. Your training program must be sensational. I’ve never encountered a Discount Tire employee who was less than friendly, honest and helpful. On one occasion, an employee told me I’d been sold the wrong type of tires for my Prius, and discounted the price of a new set to compensate me.

But I’ll never buy tires at your stores again.

Using your stores to promote Arpaio’s re-election crosses the line. The insensitivity is shocking. Latinos whom Arpaio has persecuted for decades have helped make you a billionaire. To slap them in the face as you have is stunning.

If you want to quietly make political contributions to Arpaio and his ilk, I have no quarrel. I think you’re misguided, but you probably think I’m misguided in my political views. To each his own.

The use of your stores to promote Arpaio, however, is different. Customers of yours have relatives who’ve died in Arpaio’s jails or been brutalized by Arpaio’s goons. Sticking your thumb in their eye as you have is unconscionable.

I write and read a lot about America’s billionaires. Too often, obscene wealth ruins people. You, my friend, are Exhibit A.


  1. Ok morons, let’s hit the data again.

    1) The suicide rate in Arpaio’s jails are well below the national average.

    2) The death rate in Arpaio’s jails are well below the national average.

    3) Murder rates and car thefts and deaths of Hispanic children from DWI have been reduced by astonishing amounts in Maricopa County since 2007. Way, way below the national average.

    4) The primary beneficiary of this is low income Hispanics who have to endure the brunt of the crime associated with illegal immigration. The loss of their cars and livelihood. The loss of their children from DWI’s. The loss of their loved ones.

    Arpaio has proven that you can have high levels of illegals in your state and crime levels below the national average as long as you don’t engage in catch and release policies.

    Unbelievably, none of this data made it into the courtroom.

    As far as him being a racist – that’s your favorite meaningless smear. Back in 1992, he refused to engage in enforcement. Like me, he got a wake up call. I still remember vividly standing in front of the Ahwatukee library when Tony Perez grabbed me by the lapels and said “Huppenthal, what are you going to do about this?” “Illegals murdered my nephew and my cousin!”

    I grew up on the south side of Tucson and my intensely Catholic family gave illegals sandwiches and water as they walked in out from the south. My dad’s comment was “all they want to do is work.” And, for the vast majority that is true – as long as you are enforcing the law.

    Your entire argument and foundation is built on nothing. No logic, no ethics, no evidence, nothing. A sneer, a smear, false accusations and just because you say its so and you have a slew of sheep who are willing to repeat your bleat.

      • Just another falsehood by someone who promised confidentiality and betrayed that promise. Not a single comment was racist. Just keep saying it and everyone will believe it. The motto of the league of morons.

        How did that betrayal work out for Democrats? Devastating. Not a single democrat in statewide office.

        • So, when you broke down crying and apologized, that was all a charade? Because you seem to be saying now that you did nothing wrong. Were you being insincere then, or are you being insincere now?

          • I didnt cry over the postings, i cried over the impact it was having on people who gave their lives blood to improve education. None of these people were conservatives. One is now the lobbyist for the AEA, another is the lobbyist for the school board association, another is now the executive director of Support our Schools, the other two were the most productive leaders in the history of executive management of state agencies and legislative development.

            That whole team of “progressives” got wiped out. There wasnt a single conservative on my staff.

            Be proud and own it. You ought to be apologizing for your lies and betrayal.

          • Conservatives never apologize for their actions, they blame others.

            At first this seems intellectually dishonest and cowardly, because that’s what the collectivist media wants you to think.

            But if you’d spend some time doing the research, you’d quickly realize that Falcon9’s problems were created by Obama.

        • Another thing –

          You imply in this comment and in other recent comments that you lost your re-election bid because of “that betrayal” (i.e., your anonymous posting). But, immediately after you lost the election, you said expressly that it was not the posting but your being linked to Common Core that cost you the election.

          So, which is it? Were you being insincere then or are you being insincere now?

    • Mr. Huppenthal, I do not comprehend why you find it necessary to name call. Your use of a pejorative completely takes away from your argument. I have never voted for Arpaio, never will. I have my reasons, and, this is my right. You are welcome to support him, that is your right. I do not understand your behavior. Frankly, it is juvenile.

  2. Just a few question, Bob.

    I always thought the purpose of a boycott was to make a business see the error of their ways. That way they could correct themselves in the hope of getting back the customers they offended. What motivation is there when you say you will never buy from him again?

    Were the Arpaio signs posted in ALL the Discount Tires, or just a few? I went by one here locally and didn’t see any Arpaio signs. In other words are we punishing ALL the Discount Tires for the errors of a few?

    Personally, I don’t know why ANY business person would advocate for a particular politician by putting signs up in their business. The odds are, in doing so, they are alienating about 1/3rd of the their customer base. That makes no sense to me. Like you said, contribute all you want…quietly.

      • I didn’t know that, Bob. Thank you for the information. Whenever there is a successful boycott (and this one looks like it is going to be successful) I always feel bad for the employees whose livelihood takes a beating.

          • Of course it is Halle’s fault. But let’s not be so callous as to ignore the collateral damage caused by boycotts…no matter how justified or righteous the boycott may be.

          • Don’t blame the boycotter’s, they are voting their conscience with their dollars.

            Blame the idiot who put his business and employees in jeopardy.

          • As I have said before, blame Halle. But never forget that much damage often happens as a result of good intentions. When you decide to do something like a boycott, don’t forget the damage you will cause to innocent parties. If you profess these employees don’t matter then you are demonstrating a level of callousness that is disturbing. The boycott may be worth it, but don’t pretend that it doesn’t cause suffering to people whose only mistake is working for a dumbass boss who decided to combine politics with his business.

          • Steve, how about this, I won’t forget to think about the pain and suffering Arpaio has inflicted.

            I won’t forget that the 100+ million he’s cost the taxpayers couldn’t have gone to better use, or that’s he’s the top law enforcement officer for Maricopa and has violated election law and numerous other laws himself.

            I won’t pretend Arpaio hasn’t whizzed all over the US Constitution, intimidated reporters and politicians who disagree with him.

            I won’t forget that there are hundreds of sexual predators, rapists and pedophiles, living among us that Joe let go because he cut funding to that unit to fund the more politically helpful (to Joe) bunch that was rounding up landscapers and maids.

            I won’t forget Sabrina Morrison, a teenage girl suffering from a mental disability, who was among those victims.

            His employees can get other jobs, some of the victims of Joe’s abuse will never get their lives back.

            Does that sound fair?

          • Take it easy, Not Tom! The tone of your message made it sound like you were about to burst a blood vessel.

            We can just add Halle’s employees that lose their jobs – if there are any – to Arpaio’s body count. Your cause is just and righteous. There were costs to stopping Hitler…

          • When I read where you wanted me to stick to the issues I laughed out loud. I recall several times having to ask you to stick to the subject at hand. The “schtick” you refer to was simply my interpretation of a posting that read very heated and angry and, possibly, personal. From your tone I suspect you think I am defending Arpaio…well, I am not. It’s time for him to retire. I’m just not certain who to vote for to replace him. ;o)

        • Steve, I care about the employees. I get my tire pressure checked there at DT once a month using their free tire pressure check service. My tires are from DT. Each time I visit, I tip the young person who checks my tires, even though the service is free. I watch the other customers and usually, I am the only one tipping. I do it because I care. These poor folks earn do little and work in the heat.

          Not everyone who supports a boycott is callous.

  3. I NEED new(4) P205/65r 15 92H for my car,but being low Income Disabled,can’t afford them.
    Discount Tire sells them for $111 or $123 each.

    Any body in Tempe area have good used ones hanging around?

  4. Wow what a surprise, I also bought my tires at Discount Tire. I live in Tucson and I’ve heard many awful things about Joe Arpaio and I will not do business with Discount Tire I am sure going to miss your service, but my conscience would not let me more business with your company.

  5. I also have purchased most of my tires at Discount. I was unaware the owner supported Arpaio. I was just at the store a few weeks ago to repair a tire. I agree with you Bob about their EXCELLENT customer service. I pay attention to this and have always received it there. I am stuck because of my warranty. But once I am able to make a change, I will.

  6. Bruce Halle has endorsed a racist disgrace and failed human being. Vote with your dollars and get your tires at Costco.

    Great tires reasonably priced, great service, and a business model that pays the employees a decent wage and treats them well, much to the dismay of Wall Street.

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