Dear Senator McCain:

As the Senate vote on the House-Senate conference committee tax bill approaches, we urge you to consider your legacy and ask yourself this very basic question:


Do you want your last political act – your final legacy — to be one of rank hypocrisy, by all appearances motivated by the selfish desire to pad your own family’s already overstuffed pockets?

Because if you cast a “yes” vote before the time Senator-elect Doug Jones is seated, that is precisely what it will be.

The facts are clear. In a directly analogous situation, the election of Senator Scott Brown prior to the vote on the Affordable Care Act, you led the charge to demand that Senator Brown be seated before a final vote was taken. Here’s what you said in 2010:

So here we are, and now the rumors are that [Democrats will] jam this bill through the House of Representatives, and then bypass what has always been the normal legislative process. They should not do that. The American people have spoken. The people of Massachusetts have spoken for the rest of America. Stop this process, sit down in open and transparent negotiations, and let’s begin from the beginning.

You also have spoken, eloquently, about the importance of respecting the process.

At the same time, Senator, we’re all aware of the financial benefit the Republican tax plan would provide to your family.

So, the choice is yours. You can act with integrity and refuse to vote until Doug Jones takes his rightful seat as the next Senator from Alabama.

Or you can cast a rushed vote for a deeply flawed tax plan, in violation of your own stated principles, reeking of hypocrisy in light of your statements at the time Senator Brown was elected, and obviously bettering your family’s financial position.

It’s up to you. Nothing less than your legacy is at stake.


Blog for Arizona