An Open Letter to Kyrsten Sinema


Dear Kyrsten:

Slamming the door on Syrian refugees was the umpteenth cynical, self-serving vote you’ve cast. After working hard to help you in 2012, the previous such votes were disappointing.

This one was far worse.

As you know, my help included recruiting Syrian American friends to support you. They did so generously.

Is locking their friends and family members out of America your way of thanking them? It sure seems so.

Did you give them any thought when casting your vote? Did you consider asking them for their input? Did you not realize they have loved ones in Syria with shattered futures and lives in peril, desperately hoping to join them here in America?

And you voted to dash those hopes? Really? For the pathetic reason that you feared the political repercussions of casting a less cowardly vote?

My friends trusted me in 2012 when I asked that they support you.

And now you’ve treated them with unfathomable cruelty and selfishness.

I’m mortified. I’ve apologized and they’ve forgiven me for this, but would they ever trust me again, as they did in 2012? I doubt it.

Your record, in my opinion, just crossed the line from cynical to unconscionable.

Your constituent,

Bob Lord


  1. I am in agreement with everything all of the above have expressed and thank you Bob Lord for your superb articulation of this problem. Sinema has disappointed me and many of my colleagues over and over again on many very important issues. I was shocked even at the beginning of her tenure by how slovenly she treated single payer health care advocates who made a big effort to bus up from Tucson to join her health care event.

  2. The best thing would be for Sinema to switch parties (officially) then we may have a shot at electing someone who would be interested in seeing this country make progress for it’s people.

  3. You just lost my support now you sound like a coward republican all good democrats should start looking for a new rep

  4. I could see this coming when Krysten carpet bagged her way into our district primary. She wasn’t interested in our needs or our opinions of the issues. She gathered the big money needed to defeat a district representative who has a proven record representing us. Like many, I voted for her as a lesser of two evils. That was a mistake. Time and time again she has voted wrong. Like many, this last vote crossed the line. It is now apparent to all that Krysten Sinema is all about Krysten Sinema. She has and will continue to solidify her position and climb the ladder of political ambition. Never, never again will she receive my vote. Will someone please challenge her?

  5. I’m very disappointed in her vote on this issue. I’ve been disappointed in some of her other votes in the recent past and wondered if she’s really a progressive. It seems our hopes are always dashed once people are voted into office. I know there must be compromise at times in politics, but certain basic values must never be compromised.

    • Another day, another Republican-lite. Get another Democrat to run in this district and they’ll sell out for the votes also. Might as well just vote for the sanest Republican, I’m thinking.

  6. Excellent Mr Lord,
    She says that we “misunderstood” the bill however everyone of the AZ Representatives that are members of the Democratic Party voted against it with the exception of Ms Sinema. Is she saying that she is the only one who understood? Ms Sinema, as your constituent I would like to know what the incentive was that prompted you to vote contrary to the rest of the AZ Democrats? As someone who alleges homeless at one point you certainly didn’t learn compassion from that experience.

  7. Remember the Kyrsten that attended 48hr. vigils against the Iraqi war, the woman who had values, represented her community. She was an inspiration, a hope for the future. She got me to believe that there WAS such a thing as a politician that would fight for a cause-voice the truth. Another let down, another sell-out. SAD!

  8. Great letter, Bob. Who would have thought she would change so dramatically and turn her back on those who believed in her?

  9. At one time I had high hopes that you would fight to make a difference. I though you would show some backbone. Now, I find your votes to be disgusting and seemingly aimed at your chances for the next election cycle instead of doing the right thing. I am ashamed of you. You do not represent values, you back hatred, bigotry, and cowardice in the face of human tragedy.

  10. This clearly demonstrates that fear and ignorance are spread throughout both parties, which are in fact being led by those emotional states. Ms. Sinema is as reprehensible a human being as any GOP member who voted the same way. It’s time to consign both the Democratic AND Republican parties to the landfill of history.

  11. I am really disappointed in the vote cast by Kirstin Simema against the Syrian refugees. In my opinion, that was a fear based vote, not one based on courage in the traditions of Americans coming to the aid of dire need. It is a regrettable message that says “we don’t trust you” or “your not welcome.”.
    I am not understanding what were the principles of this decision to vote considering your personal situation having been a refugee yourself? I’m dumbfounded. If it were me, in a seat where I had to to vote on this, I don’t have any history of being a refugee, but I would consider the traditions of American spirit in helping people like we did with the Vietnamese in the late 1970’s; the people fleeing WWII in Europe; the Jewish people of the 1920’s; the Irish of the 1860’s; the Europeans of the early 1700’s.
    The vote that was taken was more then a disappointment…it was a vote that has no positive value; it only links to a party of “NO” to a party of FEAR and to a party of xenophobic attitudes and will only be used to a Republican/Tea Party advantage. Your disappointing vote not only shocks me, but shocks the most vulnerable people that you should be advocating for first. But it is too late for that now isn’t it? I really have my doubts of understanding why I should continue to have confidence in your ability to be an elected official for me because I expected more. You should be a leader, not fluff. This was not a vote that defines leadership and that is why I am voicing my opposition for you to be a representative.

  12. Bob, your friends will trust you again because everyone makes mistakes but not everyone admits it and asks for forgiveness . I trusted her based on gender and sexual orientation but unfortunately there are always collaborators willing to support the oppressors. However, the other side will NEVER accept her and her short play will leave her friendless and alone.

  13. My revulsion and disappointment continues to grow against Sinema…..I’ve had to swallow my bile about her for too long. She is a reed blowing any which way the wind blows and is blowing smoke that she is even a Democrat. She obviously has no strong moral compass or convictions of humanity. I’m way past disgusted with her and have moved on to revulsion.

  14. My thoughts exactly. And every time (with the exceptions thus far of Warren, Grayson and a few others) every time I find a Progressive Dem to have faith in, Tulsi Gabbard as example, they end up voting against those progressive ideals I hold true. I imagine it is hard to vote owing so many favors to big money donors…..but in the end it is the voters who put you back in office with votes.

  15. Bob, you should run. She is very vulnerable from the left, more so than ever. No amount of money will save her from a credible candidate.

  16. An American leader’s first priority is to protect Americans, not citizens from other countries. It is horrible that ISIS has taken over more and more land. Thus, driving people away from their homes. But, it’s a dangerous time right now. So, we need to do whatever we can to prevent or minimize attacks in USA. Then, we can get back to saving everyone else.

    • An Ameriacn leader’s first rresponsability is to lead. America is an idea, not of safely hiding behind an ocean or walls and letting the rest of the world crumble, but of crossing those barriers to help and show a better way. Representative Sinema failed as a leader whne she chose to turn her back on innocent people looking for a safe place and chose instead to say aye to a useless piece of propaganda. The Syrian refugees pose no harm to us, but we have just proven that their lives matter less to our “leaders” than easy political grandstanding.

    • Alright, so I guess we only have to act as Americans when it’s convenient. When there’s no risk. When there’s no cost. Gotcha.

      That’s not MY America. I’m saddened that it’s yours.

  17. The hateful rhetoric of ignorant racists can be forgiven, albeit with difficulty, by remembering that it is, in fact a lack of education and understanding that drives their decisions. But Kyrsten Sinema is *not* ignorant. To the contrast, she has a nuanced and highly informed understanding of all the reasons that what she did was wrong and hateful. The PHD in Social Work, the former leadership position with local non-profit Community Outreach and Advocacy for Refugees (COAR), and a dozen other life experiences prove that her vote wasn’t ignorant – it was calculated, opportunistic, and cold blooded. And that, I’m afraid, is truly unforgivable.

  18. I voiced my opinion on all their FB pages. Apparently Ms Sinema, the politician, has forgotten Kyrsten Sinema, the child, who spent 3 yrs homeless, living outside a gas station. Every one of those Dems followed polling and displayed cowardice rather than demonstrating leadership. Just another problem in Republican-infested America.

  19. Thank you, Bob. I am horrified by her vote, as I have been in the past. The other thing that no one really mentions is that none of the terrorists were Syrian refugees.

  20. Don’t sound like Rep. Sinema represents you any longer Bob. Same disappointment I feel for Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (Democrat – CD 2 in Hawaii), who also voted for this legislation.

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