An Update from Anne Carl for Cochise County Recorder

You may recall that BlogForArizona and held a fundraiser for Anne Carl late last year. We are VERY bullish on the prospect for electing Anne to the Recorder’s office in Cochise Co.

Anne is updating everyone on her campaign and I wanted to ensure that BlogForArizona readers get another chance to support her campaign in any way we can. If you live in Cochise County and haven’t signed her nomination petition, make sure to stop by the AZ Sec State’s E-Qual website to sign. Please also consider a donation to her campaign.

“The team to elect Anne Carl as Cochise County Recorder is starting off the new year with a bang! We have several new things to share with you.
First, we are beginning to host A-team volunteer meet-ups around the county. The purpose of these is to gather volunteers to meet with Anne to get campaign updates, to talk about what everyone can do, to meet with others, and to have fun!

We had the first of these in Sierra Vista in January, and there are future SV meet-ups scheduled for February 12 and March 11.

Soon we’ll be announcing more A-team meet-ups in Bisbee, Douglas, Benson, and Willcox, so stay tuned.
We have also received information that the number of signatures we need to get on the ballot is 461. We are close to that number of online signatures and have more on paper, but we are hoping to qualify with all online signatures.

If you haven’t signed online or know others you might ask to sign, please direct them to the E-Qual site to sign.
Looking forward to election season, one of our volunteers has begun a postcard writing campaign. This is an all-volunteer project to write postcards to voters in Cochise County. While these postcards won’t be mailed until summer, participants are getting a jump on starting writing them now. Email this group to get more information on how you can participate.

We are also seeking #FurryFansforAnne!

Send us your pet’s pic with Anne Carl for County Recorder signs or merch (printable versions on our website) to be featured on social media or in future print pieces.

And stay tuned to social media and email for plenty of cute pet pics!

Thank you for your support for our campaign! Reach out if you would like to help more or have ideas for us.”

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