By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings



A couple of weeks ago, the Yellow Sheet Report, a publication of the Arizona Capitol Times, reported on the first bill proposal for the upcoming session of the Arizona Legislature (HB2001, from Rep. J.D. Mesnard).  That one is a (relatively) mundane correction to Arizona’s “revenge porn” law, a law that has been blocked due to a court challenge.

Less mundane is HB2003.  It is sponsored by Rep. Mark Finchem (R-LD11) and numbers among its primary and cosponsors a rogues’ gallery of members of the tin foil hat brigade of the R caucus.

From the measure –

A.  A person is eligible for election as county school superintendent if the person holds a basic or standard certificate to teach in the schools of this state baccalaureate degree in any subject or an associate degree in business, finance or accounting.


OK.  We’re in Arizona – legislative hatred of teachers here is well-documented, so the part about not requiring county school superintendents to be able to teach in a public school classroom isn’t much of a surprise.

It’s unconscionable, but, with this bunch, it is something that should be expected.


But mandating that possessing an associate’s degree in business, etc., means that one is as qualified to run a county school department as someone with a bachelor’s degree in education (or anything else)?

That seems rather crazy…unless you see this proposal as so specific as to likely be a favor to someone in particular.

Looking into it, but anyone with insight into this is welcome to reach out to me, via email or a comment