And the first “WTF?” bill of the 2016 session of the Arizona Legislature is…

By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings


A couple of weeks ago, the Yellow Sheet Report, a publication of the Arizona Capitol Times, reported on the first bill proposal for the upcoming session of the Arizona Legislature (HB2001, from Rep. J.D. Mesnard).  That one is a (relatively) mundane correction to Arizona’s “revenge porn” law, a law that has been blocked due to a court challenge.

Less mundane is HB2003.  It is sponsored by Rep. Mark Finchem (R-LD11) and numbers among its primary and cosponsors a rogues’ gallery of members of the tin foil hat brigade of the R caucus.

From the measure –

A.  A person is eligible for election as county school superintendent if the person holds a basic or standard certificate to teach in the schools of this state baccalaureate degree in any subject or an associate degree in business, finance or accounting.


OK.  We’re in Arizona – legislative hatred of teachers here is well-documented, so the part about not requiring county school superintendents to be able to teach in a public school classroom isn’t much of a surprise.

It’s unconscionable, but, with this bunch, it is something that should be expected.


But mandating that possessing an associate’s degree in business, etc., means that one is as qualified to run a county school department as someone with a bachelor’s degree in education (or anything else)?

That seems rather crazy…unless you see this proposal as so specific as to likely be a favor to someone in particular.

Looking into it, but anyone with insight into this is welcome to reach out to me, via email or a comment

2 thoughts on “And the first “WTF?” bill of the 2016 session of the Arizona Legislature is…”

  1. Somebody’s buddy wants to run for a county superintendent position and has only an associates in something. So we have to help my buddy. I have always wanted to play a teacher on TV. Dear Dr. Cobb, (co-sponsor) shall we allow an associate in business to work on someone’s teeth? What is good for one profession is good for the other.

  2. This measure is absurd. We need and educator in the state super position the more out spoken the better. And what would be really great is the creation of a grass roots movement to pass a law requiring law makers to spend 2 to 3 weeks a year working for a principal at a public school in the same capacity as a classroom teacher. Meaning participation is required, they must meet levels of participation and involvement as prescribed by a 4 point rubric. If they don’t make it to the top quartile of the rubric more time is allowed until they do make it. This type of measure has to be imposed upon the lawmakers of this state as they would not do it on their own. When you think about it this is no different than any other business or organization that is strapped with the responsibility of managing how large amounts of money are spent as well as to evaluate the return on expenditures. Those administrators of those companies occasionally get in the trenches to understand just what is going on from the ground up, not some cloud hovering above with a self serving agenda. Grass roots,,,,shove it through, the Great State of Arizona is ready for this type of measure. Thanks

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