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H/t to friend of Blog for Arizona Carolyn Classen at the Tucson Citizen for her reporting LD 30 precinct committeemen/women select Vogt, Schneider, and Sposito – Carolyn's Community:

[Last] night 82 certified precinct committeemen/women of LD 30 selected Ted Vogt, Parralee Schneider, and Doug Sposito as nominees for the vacant House Rep. seat in that legislative district. Rep. Frank Antenori resigned last week Wednesday to assume the LD 30 State Senate seat, having been appointed by the Pima County Board of Supervisors at their March 2nd meeting.

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Nominations from the floor were: Ted Vogt, Doug Sposito, Parralee Schneider, and Randy Graf, who all gave 5 minutes speeches about why they should be selected for appointment. Each person to be selected had to get 42 votes.

Vogt is the current LD 30 Chair and a 3rd year law student at the U of A, Sposito was the former LD 30 Chair and is a small business general contractor, Schneider is a realtor and former Republican Party officer for the County Party and LD 9 (now LD 30). She was also recently elected to be 3rd Vice Chair of the State GOP. Graf is a former 2 term House Rep. in LD 30 and was the Republican challenger for CD 8 in 2006, and is now a part-time consultant for the proposed Rosemont Copper Mine.

Both Vogt and Graf had been selected for nomination by the LD 30 precinct committeemen/women for the previously vacated State Senate seat in last week’s voting.

1st round winners: Vogt with 50 votes and Schneider with 46

2nd round winner: Sposito with 48 votes

All three of these nominees have filed to run as candidates for one of the 2 LD 30 house seats in the August 24 primary. Current LD 30 House Rep. David Gowan is also seeking re-election. [Vogt and Schneider filed a committee with the Secretary of State the same day.]

Attending [last] night’s meeting: LD 30 State Senator Frank Antenori, GOP National Committeeman Bruce Ash, State GOP Chair Randy Pullen, 2007 Ward 2 City Council candidate Lori Oien, and 2007 Ward 4 City Council candidate Dan Spahr.

The Board of Supervisors will be meeting on Tuesday, March 16 to vote on these 3 nominees and appoint one to this LD 30 state house seat. The meeting is at usual at 9 a.m. at 130 W. Congress, first floor board meeting room.

If you wish to express comments to the Pima County Board re: any of these nominees, contact information is below:

District 1, Ann Day, 740-2738,
District 2, Ramon Valadez (Chair), 740-8126,
District 3, Sharon Bronson, 740-8051,
District 4, Ray Carroll, 740-8094,
District 4, Richard Elias, 740-8126,


The lone Democrat in the House race is Andrea Dalessandro making her second bid for the House seat. Andrea for Arizona: Meet Andrea Dalessandro