Anderson Cooper Scores


Posted by Bob Lord

So, I'm watching the end of the asshat debate tonight, which then turns to the commentary, and they have Gloria Borger (or Bolger, I'm not sure) interview Jan Brewer. The gist of the interview is Gloria trying to get her to endorse a candidate. Brewer of course resists, like she's holding us all in suspense or something.

That part was totally predictable, and boring. But then Anderson Cooper makes the otherwise wasted five minutes all worthwhile. At the end of the interview, Brewer tells Gloria that she'll let her know as soon as she's ready to endorse, whereupon it flips back to Cooper, who says as drily and sarcastically as you could imagine from a TV anchor "yeah, we'll be waiting for that." It was priceless.

What an embarassment she is.

Oh, and she looks even more ridiculous in her new hairdo.