Andy Biggs Slanders President Biden with Baseless Conspiracy Delusions

AZ Congressman and “Freedumb” Caucus leader Andy Biggs is a notorious, prolific, and wholly unabashed liar. He is now pedaling a baseless and wholly evidence-free lie that President Biden and his family have accepted ‘millions’ from the Chinese Communist Party… or the Ukrainians… or something.

The evidence and witnesses to all this alleged corruption? Well, there is none. Any alleged evidence is always either suppressed by investigators supposedly under Biden’s control, missing, destroyed, classified, or has fled the country due to pending criminal charges he was a paid agent for China. In other words, it doesn’t exist.

All the wild allegations Biggs make begs the question of how Biggs knows these things, given he can’t actually produce any evidence? Rhetorical question of course – he’s just making it all up using the imagination of the darkest corners of the GOP fever swamps in an effort to draw a false equivalence between his Lord and Master Donald Trump – the most corrupt and criminal public official in American history – and Biden – the most effective and successful President in our lifetimes.

The allegations are absurd on their face. Biggs and Greene claim there are audio recordings (which they don’t have and have never heard and are in the possession of an unnamed ‘oligarch’) that prove that President Biden took bribes.

You, as a rational person, surely see the flaw here: how do they know what these tapes (that they merely allege exist, and they have never heard) prove anything? They are merely flinging mud in a desperate attempt to dirty up President Biden. The GOP, and Andy Biggs and the Freedumb Caucus in particular, have become a fact-free and wholly contemptible source of disinformation and outright lies at the heart of our democracy. They are no longer even an opposition party; they are merely opposed to truth, democracy, and our Constitution.

All of these lies and baseless innuendo are in service to the “Freedumb” Caucus’ desire to file articles of impeachment against President Biden and their attempt to undermine America’s commitment to help Ukraine defend itself from Russia’s genocidal attack.

In the end, I can’t even make sense of the allegations being made: a Ukrainian mayor and ‘oligarch’ has paid millions in bribes to Biden to get America involved in the Ukraine war, or perhaps is blackmailing him to keep American arms flowing with the threat of revealing these tens or hundreds of millions in bribes paid by the Chinese to the Biden family? It just makes utterly no sense and has no basis in reality – but that’s a feature not a bug to these unethical and unhinged partisans. It allows them to constantly adjust and embellish their baseless allegations as they weaponize the right-wing noise machine against Biden.

4 thoughts on “Andy Biggs Slanders President Biden with Baseless Conspiracy Delusions”

  1. August 1 story. Lying Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., acknowledged that the Republicans’ widely-hyped witness in their probe of the Biden family’s business dealings “didn’t know anything” about unverified allegations that President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden had accepted millions in bribes.

  2. I think the truth that he’s a damned traitor who helped plan the Trump Coup on Jan 6 is quite enough to destroy him.

  3. It’s time that we readers of the Blog for Arizona fight fire with fire. We should say Biggs is a shoplifter, or that he stole a waitress’s tip from a table. We should use the Republican style: “Many people say that Biggs watches pornography on his computer in the State Capitol. I don’t know for sure but I’m hearing that a lot now.”

    • How about “Some people say Andy Biggs performs sodomy on dogs for a nickel and gives change”. The way he hates on the LGBTQ+ community that’s pretty plausible.

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