Another GOP myth debunked: Obama Is best president for corporate profits since 1900

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

I have to say, if President Obama is an "anti-business socialist" like every Tea-Publican politician and bloviating gasbag in the right-wing noise machine incessantly claims, he is really bad at it. In fact, he is so bad at it that it is in the best interest of businesses to keep him around for another four years. Businesses are making record profits under Obama.

Pat Garofalo at Think Progress reports ‘Anti-Business’ Obama Is Best President For Corporate Profits Since 1900:

Since he came into office, Republicans have consistently attacked
President Obama for supposedly being anti-business. As ThinkProgress
noted last week, the data shows that this charge is nonsense.

In fact, as the financial website Motley Fool noted today, President Obama is far and away the best president for corporate profits since 1900:

Even if corporate profits under Obama are compared to the 2008 peak —
in order to erase the effect of the financial crisis — “average annual
corporate profit growth under President Obama is 6.8%,” or nearly three times as large as it was under President Reagan. Both Presidents Bush actually oversaw corporate profit declines during their terms. Meanwhile, real GDP growth per capita is far higher under Obama than it was under either Bush administration.

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