Vote for Stupid!


Link: Dr. Dobson Responds to Liberal Attacks over Foley Situation.

"(It was released by liberals on) the last day of the session of Congress, when it couldn’t be responded to do — the last day," he said. "It is the day you would not want something like this to break. And they’ve known it for years. They’ve held it for years, and then they threw it out there on the last day of the session demanding that the speaker of the house resign."

Dobson said it, but it could have been just about any Republican at this point. They have settled on a counter-strategy, and this is it.

It is undoubtedly the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Even if some Democrats knew – even if every Democrat knew about Foley – even if there was a vast left-wing conspiracy to time release of the news about Foley’s behavior as an October surprise – the Republicans knew and didn’t get out ahead of it. They didn’t fix it. They did nothing.

What they’re telling voters is "We were too stupid to see that a pedophile in our caucus might be a political issue, so we did nothing and let the Democrats use it to their political advantage. Vote for us!" That has to be the dirt-fucking-dumbest damage control strategy ever. Not only are the Republicans immoral enough to harbour and protect a pedophile, but they let the Democrats shove their noses in the mess right before a key election.

Only one conclusion is possible. They richly deserve to lose.


  1. Well, Dwight, at least in the case of CD-8’s current office holder, taking a dump won’t be necessary. You must be relieved?

    Too many people seem to be echoing that very sentiment the last few weeks.
    A government of majority freshmen representatives would be unprepared to manage the career staffers who run the cogery of daily government.

    What would best serve the republic is just enough new faces on both sides of the aisle to keep the leadership from selling out everyone

  3. I saw the cover-up at the ACLU meeting with Raul Grijalvia in attendance when I brought up Kolbes name the ACLU who supports NAMBLA(The Man Boy Love Association) said to me when ever we ask Jim Kolbe to do something for us he was always there. I was shocked to hear wide spread support for Kolbe at the ACLU with George Miller in attendance also.

    The ACLU knew about all of this stuff and held it along with everyone else in Washington DC.


    For anyone who takes office in January all members should take a pledgeto “STAY AWAY FROM THE ACLU!”

  4. Notice how the article starts out with the gay-bashing: “ gay Republican congressman..”

    Dobson tries to turn it into a debate about Clinton getting his willie wet and how disgraceful it was. Mr. Dobson fails to see how this story isn’t just about the inappropriate meage sent by Foley to UNDERAGE kids, but is more about the cover-up of said actions for OVER A DECADE!. Clinton lying about getting his dick sucked was bad and illeagal, but it was understandable. (I mean, what man is his right mind would openly admit to cheating on his wife!!) I think Dobson’s objections to the Clinton affair (ad it was an affair, as both were consenting adults) is that HE never gets his willie wet in such a manner!

  5. “dirt-fucking-dumbest damage control strategy” ha ha, that borders on poetry and is hilarious.

    Dobson always was a piece of work. Republicans made this bed all by themselves, sloppy sheets and all, and everyone knows it.