Antenori’s Governing Philosophy (i.e. Hypocrisy) Called Out

By Michael Bryan

The Desert Lamp: The War on Local Government

Seldom do a point to another's blog post in a post of my own. I generally just note it in The Arizona Donkey Feed, which, if you are not reading or subscribing to it, you should be: I update the latest news and blog posts impacting Arizona's politics and public affairs daily, so you can stop slogging through dozens of sites looking for the gems. Okay, pitch over.

But Justyn Dillingham so perfectly nailed my own reactions to the Tucson Weekly's recent interview with State Sentor Frank Antenori, and provided insights that I thought so perceptive, that I just had to use a full blog post to note his commentary's quality and reasoning.

I strongly recommend popping over for a read. The Desert Lamp generally covers campus politics and higher education policy, but when they foray into general politics, they are certainly able to smack one out of the park.

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