Anti-Trump Group To Spend $600k Running Controversial “Hoax” Ad In Arizona


An anti-Trump Super PAC announced this morning that it will spend $600,000 in Arizona over the next few weeks to air an ad that the President’s campaign is demanding stations not air.

Priorities USA Action responded to yesterday’s cease and desist letters in other battleground states by doubling down and buying air time in Phoenix and Tucson for the ad. (The ad is below.)

Guy Cecil, the Chair of the committee, was defiant: “The fact that Trump is going to such great

lengths to keep the American people from hearing his own words adds to the urgency of communicating them far and wide. Trump doesn’t want voters to know the truth. We will not be intimidated.”

The Trump campaign made its cease and desist letter public yesterday and noted that Fox News agreed not to air the ad. It claims that the President’s well-publicized “hoax” comment referred to the Democrats’ politicization of the crisis, and not the virus itself. The letter leans heavily – without irony – on several articles from mainstream media fact-checkers that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign misleadingly tried to make it seem the comment referred to the latter. (The cease and desist letter is below.)

As transcribed in the Trump letter, here is the “hoax” statement by the President at a February 28 rally. (It would appear both sides have an argument.)

“Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. You know that, right? Coronavirus. They’re politicizing it. We did one of the great jobs, you say, “How’s President Trump doing?”, “Oh, nothing, nothing.” They have no clue, they don’t have any clue. They can’t even count their votes in Iowa, they can’t even count. No, they can’t. They can’t count their votes. One of my people came up to me and said, “Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia.” That didn’t work out too well. They couldn’t do it. They tried the impeachment hoax. That was on a perfect conversation. They tried anything, they tried it over and over, they’ve been doing it since he got in. It’s all turning, they lost. It’s all turning, think of it, think of it. And this is their new hoax. But you know we did something that’s been pretty amazing. We have 15 people in this massive country and because of the fact that we went early, we went early, we could have had a lot more than that.”

Priorities USA Action discloses its donors, and its two largest are well-known contributors Donald Sussman and George Soros’ Democracy PAC.

Here is the ad, followed by the cease and desist letter



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Redacted PUSA Letter (PDF)

Redacted PUSA Letter (Text)


  1. Amazing how this monster can lie and lie and lie and yet when faced with his own words, he has a hissy fit. I like the ad, although it is very tame considering the monster’s daily rhetoric.

  2. This ad is actually pretty tame considering how badly the Trump Administration delayed and botched the nation’s coronavirus response.

    Trump is already giving himself immense credit for saving the country and intends to use that angle going into the election. He seems to be having some success as his approval rating is, in fact, going back up. Nate Silver has him at 45.1% approval today.

    However, it’s anyone’s guess what happens next. Trump wants this to be over so he can declare victory over the virus and restoration of the booming economy that he credits himself for creating before the election.

    Trump has gotten away with everything so far, not just during his so-called presidency but in his entire life. He sees no reason why this should be different.

    But right now it appears that a bat from Wuhan, China might get the last word on Trump’s legacy.

  3. This isn’t controversial in the slighest…after all it’s only replaying the words HE SAID. And the Trump campaign really ought to read that ‘Constitution’ thing at some point, particularly the bits of that First Amendment that don’t have anything to do with religion..

    And while they’re at it, they might want to look up ‘Streisand Effect’ , too.

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