AOC Rocks the Establishment Boat Endorsing Primary Challenger Jamaal Bowman for Congress NY-16 Bronx

Congress Member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

I admit it. I am a fan of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She’s re-making Democratic politics with her brilliant charisma and populist message of deep change. And she’s not afraid to stand up to the ossified and complicit elements within the Democratic Party that have become an impediment to real change, either.

To that end, AOC is making the aggressive move to endorse a primary opponent to a long-entrenched incumbent right next door to her own Bronx district, NY-16. In Congress for 30 years, the incumbent hasn’t had a significant primary challenge in over 20 years.

The result? Compromised leadership. Out-of-touch, and out-of-step with the political sentiments of his district. Even his primary residence is in Maryland – not in ‘his’ District.

Time for a change.

AOC endorsed Jamaal Bowman, a primary school teacher with 20 years in the classroom – mentoring, building young minds, improving his community.

I believe that we have to not only challenge the GOP at every opportunity, in every race, but Democrats have to challenge ourselves to be better, to represent the interests of the people of America better.

I think that may, in many cases, require new leadership. Or at least a challenge to that old leadership to step up their game, or step off.

To that end, I gave an average donation of $27 to Jamaal Bowman’s campaign. I challenge YOU to give whatever you can spare.

Let’s take back this Democratic Party, and take back this country.


  1. Please name all those you consider the “ossified and complicit elements within the Democratic Party that have become an impediment to real change.”

    Like you, I believe we are ready for generational change but wonder if you really mean the “ossified and complicit” or are just going tor the drama,

    • Funny thing, the DCCC under Cheri Bustos and her predecessors along with the Democratic Establishment have an incumbent protection policy where Democratic consultants are blackballed if they work for a primary candidate who’s challenging an incumbent. And, if the incumbent loses the primary the DCCC turns their back on the race. Which could be considered “ossified and complicit”.

      However, there is one exception to that policy. A wonderful congresswoman whose initials are…wait for it…AOC!

    • Rep. Eliot Engel, for one. I have my suspicions about many others, but I’ll withhold judgement until alternatives persent themselves for consideration. These are, after all, relative value judgments.

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