Apparently Sean Noble is not on the outs – at least with the AZ GOP

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

I have posted at length about the political corruption of GOP operative and "Kochtopus" bag man Sean Noble. The national news media also has done some exceptional reporting on Sean Noble. It is only our GOP-friendly Arizona political media that fails to report on his political corruption. A cover-up?

The Daily Beast reported in an Exclusive: California Grand Jury Probing Shadowy Money Groups: The circuitous routes apparently
used to funnel the $11 million into the state were deemed “the largest
contribution ever disclosed as campaign money laundering in California
by the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Most recently the Huffington Post reported, Sean Noble, 'Wizard' Behind Koch Brothers' Donor Network, Now On The Outs.

Apparenlty Huffington Post's assessment was wrong. The AZGOP Campaign School today in Phoenix features Sean Noble. What, is he going to teach them how to set up a series of interconnected bogus 501(c)(4) organizations in order to launder campaign cash from undisclosed "Kochtopus" donors?

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