Are Three Decent Republican Senators All it Would Take?


The refusal of Congressional Republicans to confront Trump is breathtaking.

By all appearances, they’re the last – and most critical – domino that must fall in order for Trump to be removed. Many in the conservative media no longer will defend Trump. Yes, Fox News still is hanging on, as is Rush Limbaugh, but conservative journalists as a group largely have given up. And some, Joe Scarborough for example, are among Trump’s harshest critics. The public has abandoned Trump as well. The latest poll on his approval rating, placing it at 36%, was taken before the Comey firing. And you don’t see many former Republican office holders flocking to Trump’s defense.

Yet, with few exceptions, Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the gang that control both houses of Congress have barely budged.

So, what would it take to move them?

Theoretically, as few as three Republican Senators with a shred of decency could make it happen. And there are possibilities: McCain, Flake, Corker, Collins, Murkowski, maybe even Burr.

Why three?

Because a group of three could hold Republican control of the Senate hostage. They would have far more than the leverage needed to force the Republican abandonment of Trump. The conversation of this “Gang of Three” with Mitch McConnell, whose wife I think still is a cabinet secretary, would be a simple one:

Gang of Three: Mitch, we’ve had enough. Either Trump goes or you do. We can make Chuck Schumer the majority leader. We’d  rather not, but priority number one for us is the removal of Trump from office. Everything else is secondary.

McConnell: But what about tax cuts for the one percent?

Gang of Three: Secondary, Mitch.

McConnell: But what about my wife? She’s Transportation Secretary.

Gang of Three: Secondary, Mitch.

McConnell: But what about…

Gang of Three: Secondary, Mitch.

McConnell: Okay, you win.

McConnell, of course, is a big domino. Once he falls, the others, starting with Ryan, fall quickly thereafter.

Do three Republican Senators have the courage to take this step?

Of course not. It will never happen. Which should tell us how far gone things really are.


  1. I agree with you, Bob, it is not likely to happen. Not even the “maverick” McCain would break with the the Party and turn on Trump. Whatever the reasons, you all are going to have to wait until 2018 to try and change the playing field as Tom suggests. I do believe that more and more liberals are starting to think in terms of 2018 to exact their revenge…although I fear that revenge may not just be on Trump, but on that half of the country that voted against them in 2016. I have never seen liberals so incensed and bent on getting even than after seeing Trump beat Hillary. I think 2018 could be an even more interesting (and vicious?) election than 2016 was.

  2. so you think president pence is easier to beat? be careful what you wish for good government liberals!

    • That seems obvious to me, censored, but no one else but you seems to understand the potential problems that Pence poses for them. I have always said that I am not bothered too much by the idea of them impeaching and removing Trump from office because Pence is more conservative and knows better how to work the system.

  3. Keep dreaming and screaming, maybe someone will listen. The stock market is at 25 trillion, by far an all time high, up more than 3 trillion since corruption incorporated was defeated.

    In your drive to defeat the United States, haven’t been able to budge it an inch.

    Europe, with a population 60% larger than us has a stock market value of less than 8 trillion.

    When Nixon resigned, the stock market was at .4 trillion down 40% from peak.

      • Smears, no logic, no evidence. Stupid? I know this – people want good jobs for themselves and their children more than any other policy deliverable asset. The freak show your side is demanding in Washington DC appears to be irrelevant – so far.

        • It’s only because you’re posts are incoherent and disjointed.

          And the lying, conspiracy spreading, racism, there’s that too.

        • One of the things that made Clinton so successful was he focused on the economy because he knew that is always #1 on the list of things people care about.

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