Arizona Congressional Democratic Candidates React to the Trump Administration’s latest stage in the War on Children.


Over the last week, the Administration of the KKK endorsed candidate has reached new lows in its war against children.

First, the Popular Vote Loser Administration announced new rules for some parents of military personnel that have children abroad. These rules make it harder to obtain citizenship for children born overseas. According to National Public Radio (NPR), these rules apply to:

  • “Parents who adopted children while serving abroad.”
  • “Parents who became U.S. citizens after their children were born.”
  • “Parents who are U.S. citizens but have never lived here.”
  • “Recently naturalized citizens who have not met the U.S. residency requirements to transmit citizenship to their children automatically.”

Also this week, the Chief Deadbeat Administration, in a scoop from the Boston Globe and followed by other news outlets like the New York Times and Blog for Arizona, is no longer letting children from other countries, here legally, stay and continue their medical treatment.

They and their families have been told to leave within a month.


Democrats running to replace Republican incumbents in Arizona Congressional Districts Five, Six, and Eight have offered their views on the Administrations latest phase on the war on children.

On making Overseas Military Personnel Apply for Citizenship for their Children.

2020 Arizona Democratic Congressional District Five Candidate Joan Greene

Joan Greene

“Another shameful act from Trump and the GOP.”

“This will hurt recruitment for our military and the people who sacrifice to work overseas on our Country’s behalf.”  

“This is also another way for the racist regime to “pick and choose” which color person will be able to receive citizenship.”

“GOP has not been a friend of the military for a very long time and every one of their actions confirms this fact.”

“Our two Party system now consists of the Democratic Party and the Klan Party.”

2020 Arizona Democratic Congressional District Six Candidate Stephanie Rimmer

Stephanie Rimmer

“Defining citizenship and naturalization is a power authorized only to Congress in the US Constitution.”

“ET, they are hamstrung either by the winner takes all partisan power structure or simply do not understand the divisions of government. The 2018 election has quickly gone from being one of excitement over the election of 100 new members to Congress to being depressing as we see our Congressional leaders resorting to social media to publicly oppose the President rather than using their actual Congressional powers to place meaningful restrictions on the White House.”

“Regardless,  or refuses to act to avert the attempts by the White House to instill an authoritarian government in America.”

“U.S. Constitution – Article 1 Section 8”

2020 Arizona Democratic Congressional District Six Candidate Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

“We must value & honor all those in uniform who are brave and selfless enough to fight to protect our country and its freedoms. This abhorrent policy penalizes our military because they have chosen to serve. These brave Americans are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and we must commit to protecting their and their families’ rights and freedoms, both while they are away and once they return home. Anything less is un-American.”




2020 Arizona Democratic Congressional District Eight Candidate Michael Muscato

Michael Muscato

“Let me get this straight: the guy who received five deferments so he wouldn’t have to serve in the Vietnam War; the guy whose fashion model future wife entered the country on an “Einstein” visa and got her parents in using chain migration; the guy who to this day hires undocumented immigrants for his construction projects and properties is now telling U.S. servicemen and women and dedicated government employees working overseas on U.S. military bases, embassies and consulates that their children may not be U.S. citizens? Healthcare, education, social security, the climate and deficit crises all need our full and immediate attention, and this is the problem they focus on?”

“And where is Debbie Lesko on all this? So far, not a single word from her standing up for our military and governmental personnel and their newborns. There can be no doubt that the only time she stands up for the military and babies is when it benefits her. She really doesn’t mean it.”

“As an elected official, I won’t sit by silently while something as harmless as granting citizenship to babies born to US soldiers or government employees while stationed overseas is senselessly taken away. These brave men and women are defending our country and our interests overseas and we should not be treating them as suspect aliens.”

“The only way to solve this problem is to change the people we send to Washington in November, 2020. Our military and government employees and their families are always worth fighting for.”

2020 Arizona Democratic Congressional District Eight Candidate Bob Musselwhite

Bob Musselwhite

“If they can remove rights under the law from a citizen, is any citizen safe?”






On Deporting Children that are sick (some with terminal conditions) along with their Families. 

2020 Arizona Democratic Congressional District Five Candidate Joan Greene

Joan Greene

“Trump, my opponent, and the rest of the GOP are murdering sick children, because of the color of their skin.”

“Comparison to the Nazi regime would be valid and those who stay silent are complicit.”




2020 Arizona Democratic Congressional District Six Candidate Anita Malik

Anita Malik

“When we reach the point that our policies are blind to suffering, we have fallen too far.”

“And never be confused …. This is cruelty only to fuel a voter base that does not represent American values. This is not immigration policy.”




2020 Arizona Democratic Congressional District Six Candidate Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

“As an ER physician, I never asked my patients about their citizenship status. My responsibility & mission was simple—take care of those who are sick and suffering. PERIOD. We shouldn’t have to say this, but here it is: deporting sick people – including children – simply because they require medical care, is absolutely unconscionable. Healthcare providers won’t tolerate this immoral & cruel policy. No American should.” 




2020 Arizona Democratic Congressional District Eight Candidate Michael Muscato

Michael Muscato

“In case anyone has forgotten, we’re a nation of immigrants. From the time the Mayflower showed up in 1620 until 1924, no one needed a visa to emigrate to the U.S. Pretty much all you had to do was show up and “Welcome to America!” Prior to 1924, no one came in “legally” or “illegally” because laws requiring documentation didn’t exist. Now visas were required, and quotas were established, and that’s when the problem of “illegal immigration” first began.”

“Immigrants aren’t the problem. Whether documented or not, they are consumers who contribute to our economy. They buy cars, food, clothing, furniture, baseball tickets, along with other goods and services. All of them pay sales and real estate taxes, and most of them pay payroll taxes. Are some lawbreakers? Sure, but so are many of us. But that’s no excuse to keep out those who simply want to work here and then go home, or want to stay and add to our country. They want to come here legally. It’s just that we won’t let them. And now we’re deporting children on life support? Who have we become as a nation?”

“Our problems with immigration stems from the fact that we simply haven’t updated our immigration laws since 1986. There have been attempts, seven to be exact, but none of them passed, mostly through Republican opposition. Republicans have contributed significantly to making the problem worse, too. My opponent, Debbie Lesko sponsored SB1070, which damaged Arizona’s economy and reputation. She voted against the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2018. She introduced six immigration bills that do little to solve the problem. One of them contains only five words.” 

“Within six weeks of announcing my candidacy for CD8, I put out an immigration reform plan that addresses our border crisis that  solves the problem. A few weeks later I published a detailed healthcare proposal. The solutions to our problems come from leadership not complaining and blaming.”

“Leaders don’t complain, they analyze and solve problems. They stand for what is right, not what is politically convenient. My hometown has gone without a true leader for too long. We can change that in 2020 with a vote for Michael Muscato to United States Congress.”

2020 Arizona Democratic Congressional District Eight Candidate Bob Musselwhite

Bob Musselwhite
“These are examples of inhumanity and it is upsetting to see that our country is too big to bend over to help a child.”


Making it harder for the brave service members of this nation to make their children American Citizens is a slap in the face to the people protecting this country.
Kicking out sick children and sending them back to their native countries without considering what adverse effects will become of them is at the least willful neglect. It is at the most MURDER.
As the Democratic Congressional Candidates above stated, both of these cruel policies should be halted at once before anyone gets hurt.
Everyone, regardless of political persuasion should feel this way.
That is the true American Way.
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  1. Immigrants aren’t the problem. Our culture is. One that is deeply rooted in white supremacy dating back to the days of slavery #1619Project

    The cruelty and inhumanity against the immigrant children, government sanctioned separating children from parents, child trafficking across the country, kids in cages, child internment camps –speaks to the dark stain on America — slavery. #ThisIsUS

    Hatred against blacks, has been passed down for generations, politicized from the beginning. To include brown, tan and the “other” amongst us.

    Once, we acknowledge our racial injustice, then we can begin to become the myth created around America “land of the free” and “home of the brave”. We are not free. We are brave. #1 jailer in the world now growing mass detention centers and internment camps in the 21st century to once again make billions off human misery and vulnerable people.

    “White Supremacy Is as American as Apple Pie” | Truthout 8/31/19

    “Trump The Manifestation Of The Ugliness In Us, Must Set People Free From Being White” by Glaude | Video | RealClearPolitics 8/06/19

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