Arizona Democratic Leaders and Candidates Disparage Alabama Ruling on In Vitro Fertilization

It should become increasingly clear to most Americans with open minds and lovers of freedom and tolerance that, thanks in part to the United States Supreme Court and Ultra White Nationalist Evangelical Red State Governors and State Legislatures, there are some parts of the country that are not inviting locales to live in.

The latest example comes from the recent ruling of the Alabama State Supreme Court whose members ruled by a majority vote that frozen embryos, stored for possible usage in In Vitro Fertilization are unborn children and entitled to all the protections given by state law toward that group.

The ruling, necessitated by a lower court case involving the accidental disposal of stored embryos, has caused a fierce political firestorm across the country because of the fear that other red states will follow Alabama’s lead and pursue similar policies with no regard to the practical-scientific implications.

Several Alabama In Vitro Medical Service Providers have already decided to stop serving mothers who are seeking this procedure for fear of their legal liability on the stored embryos.

Families who rely on In Vitro Fertilization are worried that this option to have children may be taken away from them because doctors do not want to be held criminally liable for any incident or misunderstanding that may occur.

Several Arizona Democratic leading figures and political candidates have issued statements on the Alabama Supreme Court Ruling.

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes posted on social media:

Yolanda Bejarano, the head of the Arizona Democratic Party, issued a statement that read:

“Arizonans are watching families in Alabama lose access to IVF in horror. We know that Trump is responsible for the chaos and cruelty playing out as his attacks on reproductive rights rip away even more freedoms from women across the country. Arizona Republicans in Congress are following Trump’s lead and are coming for access to IVF, co-sponsoring the Life at Conception Act and “fetal personhood” legislation. If given the chance, Trump and his MAGA allies will force their anti-abortion agenda onto families in Arizona and across the nation. This November, Arizonans are going to ensure they never get the chance: flipping the US House by voting out Rep. Schweikert, Rejecting Donald Trump for a second time, and defeating Kari Lake to secure the Senate.”

Arizona House Candidates Kirsten Engel and Conor O’Callaghan both issued remarks, attacking their Republican opponents for their support of the end of Roe v Wade and similar positions that helped pave the way for this ruling.

Ms. Engel posted:

Mr. O’Callaghan issued two statements:

“The gall of David Schweikert, who has literally co-sponsored a federal abortion ban, knows no bounds. This week he tried to position himself as a defender of IVF and reproductive rights in the wake of the Alabama ruling. Voters aren’t buying it. It is time for the actual protectors of rights and freedoms to take back this seat.”

“Let’s be clear: Schweikert is lying to his constituents about his IVF sympathies. His Life At Conception Act would enforce similar restrictions on IVF as last week’s Alabama Supreme Court ruling. This primary has not been immune to hypocritical positions. But Schweikert’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. This man co-sponsored legislation that would have jeopardized access to IVF and birth control and banned abortion nationwide.

“This abysmal decision in Alabama could lead to the criminalization of healthcare providers and even couples whose embryos aren’t brought to full birth. Enough with living in the Twilight Zone, let’s get back to making life better for Americans, not worse.”

Let’s be clear.

Mr. O’Callaghan hit the right note by saying “Enough with living in the Twilight Zone.” Or Brave New World. Or Handmaid’s Tale. Or It Can’t Happen Here.

This is another example of why voters across the country need to push back against the MAGA White Nationalist Evangelical Forces this November and vote to send candidates who support what happened in Alabama into political retirement.

It can not happen any other way.