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It looks as if I finally have some help in my lonely quest to expose Martha McSally as a media invention, and an ill-informed and ill-prepared candidate. The Arizona Democratic Party sent out this press release on Wednesday:

Who is the Real McSally??????

December 11, 2013

Phoenix, AZ–DJ Quinlan, executive director of the Arizona Democratic Party issued the following statement on the launching of website:

“The voters of Southern Arizona deserve to know where Martha McSally stands on crucial issues that affect the future of our country and state. Unfortunately McSally won’t come clean. In fact, her website does not even contain an issues page. That’s why we are launching website. It will serve as a resource to the voters of Congressional District 2 to help them track the multiple positions (or lack thereof) that Martha McSally has taken.

One example is: Would McSally have voted to end the tea party shutdown of the federal government which cost taxpayers $24 billion? Voters can go to to read her non-answer to the Arizona Capitol Times. The paper observed that ‘McSally has remained reluctant to take solid stances on current issues, most notably dodging questions about how she would have voted on spending bills that led to the government shutdown.’ Stu Rothenberg called that answer 'a lot of baloney.'

The government shutdown is over and Martha McSally still doesn’t have a position on it. This is not the kind of leadership that we need in Washington. In stark contrast to Martha McSally, Congressman Ron Barber has the courage to stand up and do what is right for Southern Arizona. Voters will reward him for that courage.



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