Donald Trump is two for two.

He is two for two on getting endorsed by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.


He is two for two in losing the Presidential Popular Vote.

He is two for two on getting Impeached by the House of Representatives for High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

These are all dubious records for a United States President.

Reaction among Arizona Democratic Circles has been quick and uniform.

The Arizona Democratic Party released a statement which read:

“Last Wednesday, we watched in horror as the U.S. Capitol Building was stormed by violent insurrectionists at the behest of President Trump. One week later, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed its Article of Impeachment of the President with bipartisan support, recognizing that the President represents an immediate danger to our country.

We are grateful to all members of the U.S. House of Representatives who have stood up and cast their historic vote to protect our nation and this Democratic Republic. We are especially proud of our Democratic Representatives for their loud and clear voice calling for this impeachment and holding the President and his enablers accountable for the events of last week and the unfortunate and untimely deaths of American citizens. Our elected representatives all swore an oath to defend the constitution from threats foreign and domestic. Today’s vote is an extension of that solemn promise.

Only the swift deliverance of accountability and the deliberate stroke of justice will allow our country to begin the process of moving forward and healing. We simply cannot turn the page until we have properly dealt with the President’s betrayal.”

The Maricopa County Party also issued a set of remarks, relaying:

“Make no mistake, today’s bipartisan decision to impeach President Trump sends a clear message: Vile acts of treason and sedition like the ones seen on January 6th will not be tolerated.

We applaud the Arizona Democratic Congressional Delegation for standing up to this President and his enablers. Locally, the Maricopa County Democratic Party (MCDP) will work to defeat all local right-wing extremists who continue to peddle conspiracy theories about the outcome of November’s General Election.”

Bonnie Heidler, the new Chairperson of the Pima County Democratic Party, wrote:

“Unfortunately, this was a sad, but necessary step in our democratic process. We have to hold officials accountable when they break the law. When it is the president of the United States who broke the law, our only recourse to keep him accountable is impeachment. It is unfortunate that more Republicans believe the lies that this election was stolen than care about saving democracy; and, our symbol of democracy, our Capitol. And, even sadder is that too many Republicans helped the mob accomplish their goal than deterred them from destroying our Capitol. The Sedition Caucus, as they are known, now needs to be dealt with, too. There has to be consequences for an elected official to help a mob destroy democracy, as well as perpetuating lies about the election being stolen.”

The Arizona Democratic Representatives that voted to impeach Trump also commented.

Arizona Congressional District (CD) Two Representative Ann Kirkpatrick tweeted:

CD Seven Representative Ruben Gallego tweeted:

CD Four Congressman Raul Grijalva also tweeted:

CD One Representative Tom O’Halleran released a statement after the impeachment vote which read:

“As a former law enforcement officer and criminal investigator, I spent my career gathering facts and evidence to pursue truth and justice. Today, I am using the facts at hand to inform my decision to vote to impeach: Donald Trump refused to concede in a free and fair election, making countless attempts to overturn the results that were all struck down in courts of law. He incited insurrection by domestic terrorists who attacked our Capitol, threatening the lives of law enforcement officers, staff, and Members, and desecrating the building that represents our very democracy.

“As a direct result of this violence, five Americans, including a Capitol Police officer, have died, and more than 50 police officers are seriously injured, including 15 officers who were hospitalized.

“Even today, as his own impeachment loomed close for the second time, the president made no effort to mitigate the damage he has inflicted to our Capitol and our Constitution. Today, I upheld my constitutional duty in voting to impeach him.

Our nation is facing a crisis of discord and a deadly pandemic, and we’re all going to need to work together to address both. We must get to work to deliver the aid struggling families need, but we cannot in good conscience leave a direct threat to their safety in the highest seat of power in the free world if it is within our ability to remove him. The Senate should take up our resolution and act swiftly.”

Greg Stanton, the Arizona House Representative from CD Nine Tweeted:

While Donald Trump has set the sad record of being impeached twice, there are two other records he had a hand in making that the American People should never forget. Those are:

  • Close to 400,000 deaths due in part to his mishandling of the Coronavirus.
  • More than 20,000 lies since becoming President.

Never forget the last four years so we can stop another  Trump-like figure from getting power again.