Arizona Donkey Feed Service Interruption


By Michael Bryan

Just wanted to drop readers a quick note: AZDonkeyFeed will be on hiatus for an indefinite time. The Feed is the stream of links in the near right-hand column of the blog and the continuously updated website of links hosted by Digg that automatically post those links to this blog.

Digg Reader is shutting down tomorrow. Digg Reader is the service I have used to read and curate the hundreds of RSS feed I follow and read to compile the AZDonkeyFeed. Without it, my ability to easily flag items for inclusion in the feed is gone. I’m exploring alternate workflows to accomplish the same task, but have yet to find a workable substitute.

If you are a user of AZDonkeyFeed, please leave a comment so that I can gauge reader interest in continuing the service. I’ll try to bring it back as soon as I can find a workable substitute for Digg. Thanks for your interest and best regards to you all!


  1. I agree – it’s a great resource. Thank you for trying to keep this going. Many of us depend on the availability of balanced news and commentary. Your efforts in this regard are appreciated.

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