Arizona Fully in Play for 2020


The polling looks terrible for Trump’s re-election effort in Arizona. Trump is underwater and has been for months.

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And it’s not just Arizona. According to his own internal polling, Trump is underwater against nearly any Dem challenger in the very states that put him in office.

You might, in normal political times, argue that a flailing President won’t necessarily bring down his party along with him.

But this is Trump: the one whom everything must be about. His black-hole like need for validation and constant agreement with his every whim is going to be a heavy anchor on the whole GOP team by election day 2020.

Consider McSally’s dilemma here in Arizona:

“The extremist forces Trump has unleashed and caters to almost exclusively could pull him further to the right at the expense of voters who gave him a chance in 2016. In 2018, Democrats, fueled by both anti-Trump sentiment and swing voters, won two statewide races: a hotly contested U.S. Senate seat and the secretary of state post.

McSally was the GOP candidate who lost that Senate race and was later appointed to her current seat when the late Sen. John McCain passed away. In her reelection bid next year, she will potentially face off against former astronaut Mark Kelly to keep that seat, one several critical races that will determine which party controls the upper chamber.

Trump hasn’t figured it out yet, but his divisive nativist policies aren’t helping McSally one bit. As he will surely continue to woo the extremists and stoke their ire, McSally will be left to walk the line between nativism and pro-business policies backed by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.  It could potentially be a recipe for disaster for both her and Trump in 2020.”

Kerry Eleveld, Daily Kos Staff Writer.

Nothing I disagree with in that. I think that nearly every GOPer outside a deep red district has something to fear from the President’s naked racism, open lawlessness, and rampant lying.

Mcsally has a real race on her hands: the latest polling has her and Kelly in a dead heat.

And it’s only going to get worse for the President and his enablers from here. Far from the conventional wisdom – that impeachment favors the President – impeachment favors the House. They can hold the reigns of narrative with an engaging performance of the impeachment inquiry. They should hold it in the style of a trial in the House, as per Laurence Tribe’s excellent suggestion. Regardless of what Democrats actually do, Trump is going to moan about his horrible persecution, and spin the conspiracy fantasy of a deep state plotting to bring him down. We might as well take the hit for a reason.

We just need to continue to ensure that every GOP nominee for any level office is so tied to Trump that they can no longer escape his event horizon as he politically ablates away after a crushing electoral defeat in 2020. An impeachment of Trump must also be, in principle, an impeachment of Trumpism, the sick cult that has become the Presidency.

Such an outcome is, of course, not inevitable. It will take an incredible amount of work by America’s citizens, but I believe that we could see a Democratic President, and a Democratic Senate majority, as well as an impeached Donald Trump, disqualified from running again in 2024. Swing for the stands, folks.

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