Arizona legislature: The coming week

By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings


Another week of steadily twiddling thumbs at the state capitol.

The hangup still seems to be AHCCCS/Medicaid restoration.

of the Rs in the legislature, led by Senate President Andy Biggs
(R-Gilbert) have dug in their heels, blocking anything.  It's gotten so
bad that the Arizona Republic published an editorial advising Biggs to get the hell out of the was of progress (OK, so they chose to be more tactful than me 🙂 ).

Negotiations are ongoing – now it appears that Governor Jan Brewer is placing anti-family planning language into her proposal, which is OK.

If you believe that Arizona's teen pregnancy rate isn't high enough.


Anyway, the lege is on a three day schedule this week, starting Tuesday.

As of this writing, no floor calendars have been posted, and only one committee agenda – Senate Rules,
Tuesday, upon adjournment of the floor session, Caucus Room 1 – is up
on the lege's website.  The agenda for that is short, only two bills,
but one of them, HCR2026,
is a backdoor measure aimed at undermining Clean Elections.  I expect
that we'll see more of these bad bills now that most of the "good" bills
that have any support among the Rs have already passed.

Let's be clear – while this week is shaping up to be another quiet week, things could change at a moment's notice. 

They eventually will change, but it's still anybody's guess as to when that will happen.


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