Arizona Legislature: The coming week (bonus edition)


By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings

This has turned into a *very* busy week at the lege.  Because this is the last week that most committees can hear bills, a requirement for a bill to move along in the process toward becoming law, the lege is doing something unusual this week.

Working on a Friday.

There are now committee hearings scheduled for Friday morning over on the Senate side of the Capitol.  As of this writing, nothing is posted for the House on Friday…but it’s still early. 🙂

Update:  Per a call, there are no plans for Friday committee hearings in the House as the Speaker is out of town right now.  Things could still change, but it doesn’t look like the House is going to hold any committee hearings on Friday.

The idealist in me would like to believe that the Senate is cramming in a couple of more committee meetings because they are so focused on doing the best job that they can for Arizona.

Then the realist in me read the agendas. 🙁


Senate Judiciary, Friday, 9 a.m., SHR1.  One bill on the agenda so far: HB2305, entering a “compact” with other like-minded states to propose and enact a very detailed amendment to the US Constitution regarding a balanced federal budget.

Senate Government and Environment, Friday, 9 a.m., SHR3.  Much of this agenda was already covered in earlier posts, when the meeting was scheduled for Thursday, but there are many additional bills now –

– a “breathing while brown” striker to HB2411, making entering or remaining on somebody else’s real property while in violation of another law third degree criminal trespass

– a striker to HB2448, creating a tax credit for property owners who claim that the value of a piece of property is diminished by a local or county land use law.  The tax credit would be in the amount of the allegedly diminished value, and could be taken for 10 tax years, or until the total credit taken equals the total diminished value claimed.

Oh, and the amount of the credit claimed would then be withheld from funds that would otherwise be distributed to the municipality or county that enacted the offending land use law.

– a striker to HB2459, barring any agency from implementing any new rules that are more restrictive to business than current rules

Instead of the “Senate Government and Environment” committee, in the spirit of “truth in advertising” it should be renamed the “Senate Petty and Punitive” committee.

Jus’ sayin’…

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