Arizona List and Women’s Equality Center Bring the Green Wave for Abortion Rights to AZ

I attended the 19th Anniversary Celebration of Arizona List and got my hair utterly blown back by the keynote presenters. I’m embarrassed to admit that I had no idea of the progress being made in securing abortion rights in the rest of the Americas. It just goes to show how myopic even those who try to remain well-informed can be when it comes to events and culture outside of the United States.

Over the past decade, even as American women were stripped of their Federal rights to bodily autonomy and access to basic healthcare – specifically the right to abortion – women in Mexico and South America have made tremendous gains in securing their own abortion rights in an amazing wave of human rights improvements the organizers call the Green Wave.

Arizona List presented two amazing leaders of the Women’s Equality Center, Paula Avila-Guillen (Executive Director) and Elida Caballero Cabrera (Senior Director of Campaigns & Advocacy Programs), who have been working hard south of our border for years, who updated us on the tremendous progress and success they have had.

They really are a must-watch, and I am tremendously excited to have the opportunity to present their empowering message of hope and progress to all Arizonans here exclusively on BlogForArizona:

Thanks to Arizona List for presenting such an inspiring and hopeful program!