Recent excellent reporting from Blog for Arizona, Az Central, and the Arizona Mirror have revealed what should have been obvious for some time now:

Being a White Supremacist or holding white nationalist views is not a disqualifying line on a Republican candidate or offices holders resume.


There have been three recent cases in Arizona that illustrate that point.

Sylvia Allen

  • When State Senator Sylvia Allen made her racially tinged comments about assimilation and demographic birth rate challenges (for white people) in late July, Governor Nike and let us take pictures with the Arizona Patriot Movement Doug Ducey defended her, saying she was “no David Stringer.”Senate President Karen Fann also spoke out to support Allen. There has been no groundswell of Republican sentiment to get Ms. Allen to resign her seat nor her position as the Chairperson of the Senate Education Committee.


Paul Gosar

  • Everyone should know by now that Congressional Representative Paul Gosar likes to read racist twitter accounts during his free time. Now he has pushed the envelope further by giving his support to Laura Loomer, a Florida Congressional Candidate who is a proponent for Muslim expulsion/exclusion and a supporter of fringe conspiracy theories. What is wrong with the Republican party officials and frankly voters who still support Gosar, a candidate whose family members put out a video supporting his Democratic opponent in 2018? Why not choose someone who is not so enamored with White Nationalism? There has to be more than one noncontroversial viable Republican in that district?  Why do Republicans still continue to support Gosar with all the repulsiveness he brings?

Lajuana Gillette

  • Lajuana Gillette may not be a recognizable name to most readers outside Kingman. She is an example of how Republicans have normalized White Supremacy because she recently commented on Facebook that:

“We must stop the minorities from coming here and trying to change us… If you drive-thru (sic) Arvin (California) you would think you are in Mexico. All the signs in Mexican… We had better wake up before we lose America for our children and grandchildren (sic),” 

Furthermore, according to the Arizona Mirror, she said Barack Obama is the reason for the rise in racism and that the country is becoming too brown, commenting that:

“We have a country that is turning brown, which means that in no time at all white people will be in the minority,”

This paragon of exclusiveness is a member of the Mohave Planning and Zoning Commission.

There was once a time when someone made comments like this, they were shown the door.

Not so with Ms. Gillette who apparently has the support of her supervisor who, when asked, sadly said:

“I’m going to tell her to watch her choice of words. I’m not concerned about LaJuana shooting up a Walmart.”

Democracy can not succeed when one of the major political parties shields its elected and appointed members when they make statements or influence legislation and decisions that put down other people because of either the color of their skin, the religion they practice, or who they choose to love.

As Arizonans are aware Ms. Allen, Ms. Gillette, and Mr. Gosar are not the only “Republicans” who have shown sympathy for these White Nationalist views or are fine with associating with those who advocate with them. One has only to look at their State Party Chair Kelli Ward or Congressional District Representative Andy Biggs as two other examples of how Republicans in Arizona, as well as the nation, are bringing hate into the mainstream.

This tolerance (or if you want to be charitable looking the other way) for people who hold such disgusting fringe views have no place in the public discourse.

The individuals that sanction or support this racists dogma should be shunned, not embraced.

They should not get the endorsements of the people.

Featured Image from Psychology Today