Arizona Schools to Remain Closed Until April 10, 2020

Photo from AZ Central

In their second joint communication to Arizona Families, Governor Doug Ducey and Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman announced that Arizona’s public (traditional and charter) and private schools, because of the public health risk associated with the Coronavirus, will remain closed until April 10, 2020.

Mr. Ducey and Ms. Hoffman both thanked the Education Community and Arizona Health Services Department for their input, cooperation, and support during this crucial time.

Both the Governor and Superintendent pledged to work together to inform families and get through this difficult period.

Superintendent Hoffman said meals for children under 18 were being provided at schools across the state. A complete list can be accessed by clicking here.

Hoffman also said they were reaching out to stakeholders on the logistics of school graduation and the answer should arrive in “the coming days and weeks.”

Ducey thanked the Education Community and State Legislature for providing measures to secure the pay of teachers and all school staff.

He also advised that people should visit the Arizona Department of Education site (please click it here) to find viable child care options for parents and families that have to work.

The Governor also said the “safest place for children is at home” but cautioned that they should not be around “elderly adults or those with underlying health conditions.”

The Superintendent revealed that, after working with the State Legislature, the state testing requirements will be “waived this year.”

Both Ducey and Hoffman concluded by saying they will continue to work together in coordinating the state’s action towards the schools and the safety of all the children. Both recommended accessing and for more information as it comes in.

The broadcasting of these updates is again an example of what could be accomplished for the good of the people if leaders in public service work together.

Hopefully, this spirit will extend to other organs of state government and carry over to when the Coronavirus crisis abates.

A link to the full joint statement is below.


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