The Arizona Senate Committee on Elections aka the Senate Election Deniers Committee, held a sham elections deniers presentation from the MAGA/QAnon election deniers conspiracy theory organization We The People yesterday on “Election Mechanics” from Shelby Busch.

The Senate Election Deniers Committee is chaired by White Christian Nationalist and MAGA/QAnon election denier extraordiaire Wendy Rogers, and the vice chair is the former spokesperson for the QAnon conspiracy theory Cyber Ninja “Fraudit,” Ken Bennett. It also includes Wendy Roger’s sidekick, MAGA/QAnon election denier Sonny Borrelli, and our MAGAt Troll Boy, John Kavanagh. Nothing good can come from this QAnon conspiracy theory generating committee. Its mere existence and membership is an affront to decency and good governance.


Here is the sham election denier presentation from Shelby Busch.

As one would expect, the Queen of MAGA/QAnon election deniers, election loser “Krazy Kari” Lake, was all over it for her deranged election denier followers.

This is the entire purpose of the Senate Election Deniers Committee: to generate or to perpetuate wild conspiracy theories not grounded in reality, and to undermine public confidence in elections. These MAGA/QAnon election deniers are the enemies of democracy. They should not be serving in public office, and their conspiracy theory clown show antics should not be taken seriously.