Arizona Special Election 2016 results on Prop. 123 and 124


Today was the Arizona special election for Prop. 123 and 124.  123 is the education funding amendment and 124 is the public retirement systems amendment.

 Early results from Arizona Secretary of State:

Looks like from the early returns that Prop. 123 is winning, 51% to 49% (but too close to call), as not all counties have reported. See updates below.

Proposition 124 winning by large margin,  70% to 30%.

Click on the link on top “Results by County” to see which Counties have reported. Coconino, Pima, Yavapai Counties voted no on Prop. 123.  Pima County turnout was 35.7%.

Stay tuned for updates as votes are tabulated.

8:20 p.m. update — waiting for Apache, Graham, La Paz counties, but Prop. 123 lead is holding.  8:50 p.m. update – only La Paz County left (9,479 votes), no change in results. 9:00 p.m. update: waiting for La Paz County, but Prop. 123 likely winner.

9:20 p.m. La Paz County finally reported, results same. Prop. 123 has likely won, by 51 to 49%.  Prop. 124 has won, 70% to 30%.  Voter turnout statewide at 27.8 %. Unofficial results below:

Prop. 123

Yes 464,847  No 456,058

Prop. 124

Yes 625,773  No 267,098

Will update pending final results, with thousands of provisional ballots to count. Too close to call as yet for Prop. 123 (now only at 50.48% to 49.52%).  Prop. 124 has passed.


  1. Final? update on the voting results from AZ SOS:

    Yes 535,782 50.93%
    No 516,299 49.07%

    Gov. Ducey has already declared victory, that Prop. 123 has passed.

    • Thanks for sending me this explanation from Az Secretary of State Michele Reagan. Some of us were wondering which counties had not received the publicity pamphlet. Looks like Prop. 123 has passed per Governor Ducey’s declaration and the 16,766 vote difference is too wide to overcome.

  2. May 19 update from AZ SOS:

    Yes 50.82%, 520,425

    No 49.18% 503,659

    Difference (16,766) in favor of Prop. 123 has widened. Voter turnout statewide at 30.9%. Looks like Prop. 123 has passed.

  3. Arizona SOS website update 5/18 evening on Prop. 123, with few thousand votes counted (vote difference now at 7649).

    Yes 50.41%
    No 49.59%.

    Stay tuned for daily updates.

  4. “As of Wednesday morning, these are the estimated number of remaining early and provisional ballots collected at the polls. These numbers do not reflect the early ballots that were already in the process of being verified at the Recorder’s Office before the polls closed.

    Early Ballots: 8,500
    Provisional Ballots: 1,300

    These numbers are an estimate and will change as the Elections Department counts the remaining ballots. As of 9:45 a.m., the Elections Department has counted 178,498 ballots.

    We will send an update once Elections has finished counting all ballots.”
    Thank you,
    Marcia Zamorano
    Communication Specialist
    (520) 724-8512 Office
    (520) 448-7514 cell

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