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Have you heard? Florida finished counting ballots today and President Obama was declared the winner. Obama wins Florida at last, pushing final electoral tally to 332-206.

So how are you doing, Arizona? Have you got those ballots counted yet? (I ask facetiously). I just finished my tour of duty auditing ballots, and I can tell you that early ballots are not yet fully processed, and all those provisional ballots cast on election day won't be counted until next week. Which means the Banana Republic of Florida (substantially more population) has done a better job of counting ballots than the backwater of Arizona. Aren't you proud?

The Arizona Republic reported today, Dems, Latinos protest provisional-ballot use:

At a raucous downtown rally, state Democratic lawmakers and Latino
activist groups said Friday that the U.S. Department of Justice and
state officials should probe what the lawmakers and activists believe is
an unusual number of uncounted early ballots, as well as what they said
was a higher number of provisional ballots given to minority voters who
showed up at the polls.

They also want Maricopa County election officials to better publicize
how voters who cast a "conditional" provisional ballot, because they
were unable to present proper ID, can ensure their vote is counted.

If you were given a conditional provisional ballot because you were
unable to produce the necessary identification, you have until Wednesday
to show the proper ID so your vote will be counted.

You need a photo ID with your name and address matching the address
listed on the voter rolls. That can be an Arizona driver's license,
tribal-identification or medical-marijuana card.

If you don't have a photo ID, you need two forms of identification
with your name and address matching the information on the voter rolls.
These can be utility bills, bank statements, Arizona vehicle
registration or government-issued ID.

Bring your ID to any city or town clerk's office or Maricopa
County's two offices in Phoenix and Mesa. Locations can be found at

Bring your ID to your county Recorder's offices in other counties.

"We're asking for an investigation as to how we got into this
situation," said state Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Phoenix. "We have seen an
inordinate amount of people who didn't receive their absentee ballots
and had to show up (at the polls), and we want to know why that is."

More than 524,000 early ballots statewide remained uncounted Friday,
including 172,000 provisional ballots that had yet to be verified
Overall, 2.4 million Arizonans voted in this election, about 7 percent
of them voting a provisional ballot.

In 2008, nearly 152,000 Arizonans cast provisional ballot, or about 6.5 percent of the 2.3 million who voted.

Three congressional seats and at least two legislative seats hang in the
balance, and it could be two more weeks before final results are known.

* * *

The statewide count is expected to be finished in about 10 to 12 days,
Bennett said, though counties can ask for extensions, if necessary. [Ahem, Florida has finished counting ballots.]

* * *

In Pima County, early ballots should be completed by Wednesday, while
provisionals will likely take until Nov. 19, Elections Director Brad
Nelson said

The Rachel Maddow Show and the show's producer, Steve Benen, have been shining a national spotlight of shame on Arizona. Heard in Arizona: #CountEveryVote:

If you're not in Arizona, you could easily miss the story of what's
happening there this week: More than 630,00 votes left to count after
Tuesday's election, more than 172,000 of them provisional ballots, and
many of those believed to have been cast by newly registered Latino
voters who experienced some kind of hitch at the polls. Voters who used a
provisional ballot face a deadline of Wednesday to return to their county elections offices and present ID that shows they voted rightfully.

Enough votes remain uncounted to swing several races in Arizona, including three for Congress
and some where candidates have conceded or declared victory. At the far
end of the spectrum, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's apparent
re-election falls within the range of votes still not counted. Much closer is the race for Congresswoman Gabby Giffords old seat, now divided by a few hundred votes [actually, less].


As of Friday afternoon,
Arizona has gotten the pile of ballots down to 524,633, including the
172,196 provisional ballots. Activists in Greater Phoenix, in Maricopa
County, have been protesting at the county elections bureau. They say
they will stay there until the counting is done. While they wait for the
world to find their story, they're telling it themselves. I've included
a video, above, from a Youtube account known as PresentePac (associated with these folks?) and another, [below], from Chandra Narcia at the protests.

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  1. Maricopa County would probably go to the GOP, same reason Arpayaso probably will get re-upped. More GOP registered than Dems and they vote in higher numbers. But there are those Independents . . . it would be sweet, wouldn’t it?

  2. There are approximately 633,000 early/provisional votes to count: Romney beat Obama by 194,965 votes. Seems to be if these votes are likely to go Democratic (being from mostly Maricopa County) there is a chance a full count could swing this to Obama. Am I wrong? I haven’t heard ANYONE else saying this, but it seems like there is at least a chance.

  3. How does Oregon manage to count all their mail-ins so quickly? How about other states who do early balloting as we do? Is there a law against starting to count them as they come in? (Although I can see the banana Republicans who run Maricopa County leaking the results early through incompetence or to finagle the vote, not unlike it appears is happening now.)

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